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Best Investments for a Man’s Wardrobe

Best Investments for a Man’s Wardrobe

Spending more on clothes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll look better. But a few quality staples can elevate any look. The best investments for a man’s wardrobe will pay off with years of impeccable style.

A Fitted Suit

If you can splurge on a suit made for you, it’s worth it. If you can’t, make sure you buy a good-looking suit in charcoal or navy. Ensure you get it tailored so it fits perfectly. Choose something in a natural fabric like wool or linen, which is breathable and will last for years. Look for details like beautiful lining and a classic cut.

Dress Shoes

If you’re hesitant to spent money on dress shoes because you don’t think you’ll wear them often, just wait. Once you buy a beautiful pair, you’ll find places to wear them. Invest in a classic dark, neutral leather or an even more luxe material, and treat your shoes with care. Keep them clean and polished, and they’ll serve you a decade longer than the cheaper versions.

A Trench Coat

Men’s trench coats haven’t changed much in the last 100 years for a reason. From the military to the movies, nothing says classic style like a good trench coat. Choose a double-breasted style large enough to fit over your suit, but make sure it’s not oversized. There’s a little leeway with length, although taller men look better in below-the-knee coats. If you’re in a colder climate, you could purchase a leather version that would get more wear.

A Classic Watch

Some of the best investments for a man’s wardrobe are accessories: the perfect navy silk tie, a pocket square with some personality, or cufflinks with a beautiful inlay. But almost every outfit reaches another level when you pair it with a signature watch. All the better if you inherited something meaningful from your family, but even if you’re buying your own, spend a little money on a classic. Think of it as a reward for your hard work, or a symbol of where you’re going.

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