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15 Times You Should Be Washing Your Hands and you don’t

If you care about your health (and we hope you do), then continue reading and educate yourself on how to keep good hygiene and escape all the serious illnesses you can get if you don’t practice it. We are aware of how many people don’t really know how often and when to wash their hands. Check out the list below and change your habits easily!

Doctor’s office. Remember how you almost always need to sign in when you visit the doctor’s office? When you touch that pen, you literally collect all the germs of the other people that have already used it. Of course, the same goes for the other staff-the toilet for example. Everything you touch there is dirty. Wash your hands right after you leave the doctor’s office.

Paying for medication or anything related. When you need to pay for medication, you use the same pen as someone before you, right? You don’t know if that person has a virus, for example (and just imagine how many people have did the same as you do already). The same rule goes here as for the 1st fact.

Female hygiene products. Have you heard of toxic shock syndrome? Yes, it is a life-threatening infection. So, it is a must to wash your hands before and after using female hygiene products (tampons, for example).

Sneezing and coughing. It is a must to cough into your arm and sneeze into a tissue. Why? Because you may infect the people around you. Besides that, wash your hands right after.

sdfsdfHandling meat, raw eggs… There are some sorts of food which can make you sick too. Right after you’ve had contact with raw meat, it would be best to wash your hands for 25 seconds. In that case, only, you won’t get some harmful bacteria. The same goes for raw eggs. Sanitize your hands any time you are dealing with any sort of uncooked food.

Pets and animals. We understand that you like cats and dogs for example, but you never know which disease that animal may have. The higher risk is, of course, with those animals you touch and you are not familiar with. Wash your seconds after that for 25 seconds. If the animal bites you, call your doctor ASAP.

Restaurant menus. These are definitely never cleaned properly or sanitized. When you are holding a menu in your hands, that means how you will be eating soon, right? If you want to escape tons of germs, the best would be to take a hand sanitizer with yourself when you visit the restaurants.

The ATM machine. Just imagine how many people have already touched those buttons before you. Those are never cleaned properly if they are cleaned at all. Escape tons of germs by washing your hands after you use it (or use a hand sanitizer).

Someone else’s phone. For how many times have you used your friend’s phone? Have you washed your hands right after that? Probably not. But you should. If you don’t do that, you will collect all the germs of the places that the phone has been since it was cleaned for the last time. Sounds gross, right?

Having a sick family member. Someone in your home may be sick, and that is the situation in which you must protect yourself as much as you can. Besides sanitizing your hands, the best would be to sanitize all the hard surfaces in your house.

The dishwasher. You have probably never thought about this one. Do you wash your hands after loading your dishwasher? Did you know how the dirty dishes contain tons of bacteria which can make you ill?

Before taking a baby. It is a must to wash your hands before you take a baby in your arms. Children are fragile and you don’t want to make them any harm, right?

sdfdfdaChanging diapers. Many people don’t wash their hands after changing the diapers, because they think ”it is their child” and ”nothing can go wrong”. We understand that you love your child a lot, and we are glad to hear that, yet, you must wash your hands right after changing the diapers to escape some potentially harmful bacteria like E. Coli.

Makeup. If you don’t wash your hands before applying your makeup, you may get eye or skin infection.

Public transport. Any kind of public transport is full of different kind of bacteria, germs, and viruses. Just imagine how many people have already been in that bus (for example) that day (and multiply that number by literally million). You got the point.

Do you have any more advice for washing your hands after or before some actions?

Do you use a hand sanitizer?

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