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A Shot in the Dark: Navigating the Syphilis Drug Shortage

The fight against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) faces a worrying obstacle: a shortage of the primary drug used to treat syphilis, Benzathine Penicillin G. This critical medication, vital for both treatment and prevention, has become increasingly difficult to obtain for healthcare providers across the United States. This article explores the factors contributing to the shortage,…

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When will the general public receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

As states start to vaccinate healthcare employees and nursing home citizens against Covid-19, officers have provided various timelines for while the overall populace will start to receive vaccines, move specialists say is the country's best bet to rein in the pandemic. COVID-19 vaccine distribution in New York remains in Phase 1A, which includes high-threat frontline employees…

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Pfizer, Inc – Company of the Month – March 2019

Company name: Pfizer Inc Founder: Charles Pfizer & Charles F. Erhart Year: 1849 Total Assets: US$ 171.797 billion Revenue: US$ 52.546 billion Net Income: US$ 21.308 billion Country:  United States of America Headquarter: New York City Industry: Pharmaceutical Webpage: Number of employees: 96,500 Pfizer, Inc., one among the world's largest research-based pharmaceutical and medicine corporations, dedicated to discovering, developing, producing, and promoting prescription medications for…

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