The ‘Perfect’ Woman’s Body, According to Men and Women by Beautiful People

It’s true that men and women consider beauty in a bit different manner. Here, we will talk about gender differences in understanding a woman’s beauty. First, I will talk about what they consider beautiful in a lady in the same manner, and later on, I will continue explaining the differences they see.

Beautiful hair. Both men’s and women’s attention is easily caught by a beautiful lady’s hair. Men love to see ladies with long and healthy hair because that biologically expresses their health status, while women just admire beautiful hair from other ladies, and often try to copy their style when it’s good. Besides that, women often consider straight and long hair as more beautiful, while men like it in different styles – curly, blonde, brunette, or black, it’s not the most important thing for them.


Eyes. Big eyes are often characterized as a symbol of beauty. Of course, they catch everyone’s attention, but men prefer to see bright and healthy-looking eyes because that biologically represents a healthy mate. Women often consider beautiful eyes those that have outstanding makeup, but men usually don’t drag their attention into that way. Ladies also think that men prefer women with blue eyes, but researchers have found out that they actually find more comfort while looking at dark and brown eyes (it simply reminds them of kindness and safety).

Curves. Numerous ladies worldwide go on different diets with the purpose to keep their bodies as slim as possible. And although both couples are attracted with pleasantly shaped bodies, men actually see a woman’s beauty in a different manner. Every gentleman will drag their attention to the lady with curves, while women will consider a slim model more beautiful.

Waistline. Men are definitely attracted to beautifully shaped waistlines because that reminds them of health and fertility. As said above already, ladies think that women with very thin waistlines are very beautiful.

Clothes. If you think that men love to see women in very tight clothes only, let me help you reassess your beliefs. Actually, it’s shown that most men are attracted to ladies in skirts and dresses, and especially casual ones. Women, on the other hand, find ladies in heels and very tight clothes attractive. For men, dresses and skirts are capable of representing a lady’s femininity in the best possible manner. Besides that, men are usually not fans of very high heels because they may look a bit aggressive.


Make-up and accessories. Ladies will be surprised to hear that men are not attracted by too much makeup and accessories women usually wear. Bright and natural makeup is what makes them attracted to women the most.

Muscles. If you’re spending hours in the gym with a purpose to get those 6 pack abs and attract the man you like, we have something to tell you – most men say that they prefer more natural looks than super-fit ladies.

When we think about everything said above, we can easily come to the conclusion that women consider pretty what the beauty industry has told them it’s pretty, while men are still attracted to what they’ve always loved – beautiful, curvy, and healthy ladies.

If you’re a man, what do you consider beautiful about a woman?

If you’re a lady, what do you consider pretty on other women?

Author: Dragana Drobjnak

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Why do women want to be beautiful? by Beautiful People

Have you ever wondered why we all want to be forever young and beautiful, and women especially? Well, there isn’t any official answer to this question. I would rather say that there are a lot of reasons for this. Let’s explain them a bit…

There have been many scientific types of research and experiments done on this topic, and especially in Asia. All of them have provided similar information and tried to answer the question – why do women want to be beautiful?

Let’s start from our very beginnings and the forms of the first civilizations. Even then, women have practised some sorts of beauty rituals, done makeup, and took great care of their hair. Back then, many women have got better positions in society by being pretty, and, of course, their ”value” was higher because they couldn’t achieve something bigger as warriors, kings, knights… Of course, some of them were possible to achieve that too, but we are talking about the majority here.

We can also say that women want to be young and beautiful because of superiority, self-development, individuality, and success. We must always think of different aspects, like what do they gain with beauty in attitudinal, emotional, and behavioural fields and aspects.

When you think about women and beauty today, you may come up to a conclusion that women exaggerate with it these days. Somehow, it all became ”too perfect” and fake. You are barely able to see a successful lady without makeup, right? Well, it may be seen in some science fields, but definitely not often.

When you ask a woman why she wants to be beautiful, ladies will always tell that it has nothing to do with men. Somehow, that is the truth. They want to make their hair and do their makeup because of the other women who will do the same. That’s definitely the truth for so many women…

Of course, the term beauty is differently seen within the cultures and civilizations, but every beauty term and its vision is able to catch the eye of the others.

Unfortunately, there is another view on this entire ”problem”, and it is probably related to women’s biology. Menopause. Wow, how did I come to this? It’s actually easily understandable. Everyone considers young and beautiful women important and ”of higher value” because they are able to get pregnant and create new life. Many women, unfortunately, get into the menopause in their 40s or 50s, which is still young. But since then, they lose their ability to bear children, and the society (and especially men) look at them differently.

Women also want to look beautiful because the entire world expects ladies to be ”the more beautiful gender”. That phrase has been repeated so many times that we probably feel at least some sort of pressure to keep it real.

As you can realize, it’s not all black or white. Some ladies follow their culture, some want to be more successful than the others, while some want to express their value through looks.

Overall, being pretty is not a crime, you must admit that. Our biology works this way too. We all want to be young, beautiful, and healthy, to attract a potential mate.

Why do women attract men with their looks? Because men are visual beings, while we, ladies, rather search for safety, success, and stability.

Do you think that women are more beautiful than men?

What is your personal opinion about beauty standards nowadays?

Author: Dragana Drobnjak

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In case no one has told you this yet today – You look beautiful! by Beautiful People

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up with a smile, or worried? Are people that live with you or surround you some sort of a burden or a great joy?

How do you feel about your body and your looks? Who determines how you see yourself in the mirror?

Questions, questions… Do you have answers to those above? I am pretty sure you do, but you just haven’t thought more about it.

People accept things that are approved by the masses of society without even questioning that by themselves.

When I go for a walk, for example, and take a look at the faces of people I come by – I don’t like what I see.

It’s not that I don’t like their looks, but I don’t like their energy. There’s a beautiful little boy playing outside, and he is too shy for his age. When you ask him something, he says he doesn’t know this, or that, or is not capable to do it, and so on.

That’s really what hurts me. People, different people of all ages, are today in this society told that they are NOTHING.

If you take a look at the news, TV, social media, celebrities, newspapers, magazines, ads, or whatever comes to your mind, what do you see?

Fake people. People who don’t work but have a lot of money. People who eat only in restaurants. People, who brag about how they don’t know to cook, like that’s some sort of a luxury, right? It’s all wrong.

You’ll see very naturally beautiful people who undergo thousands of surgeries to become even ”more perfect”. And how do they end up looking like? Sad, you can see it in their eyes… Jealous, envy, frustrated… And still, see themselves as the ugly ones.

In case no one has told you this yet today – You look beautiful! You really do. You’re a piece of art, from your parents, and God himself.

You are smart and capable of doing things you haven’t ever thought about.

You are intelligent and can wake up strong inner strength and faith that lays right in your soul. But have you ever tried?

You, yes you, have been listening to what society tells you is normal and beautiful for so so long that you have forgotten how to see with your own eyes.

Beauty is in the difference between all of us. Please don’t accept this fake and boring world of clones. They are empty. They are deeply depressed. They are in so much hate with their own body and soul that they are ready to cut themselves and their faces to change them according to what someone said is perfect.

So, please, wake up with joy. It’s another day. We are here, beautiful enough, and lucky enough to live this life.

Don’t be ashamed of any part of your body. That’s you. And I am pretty sure that you are just perfect that way and quite amazing.

Grow as a person. And overcome those standards.

Be free in your body. And finally, start living your life as you should have from its first day.

Do you see beauty wherever you look?

Whom do you find beautiful that others don’t?

Feel free to comment.


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How does a perfect human body look like? Not what you think… by Beautiful People

It is 2020 now. People became completely obsessed with the idea of perfection and beauty. It really is exaggerated, you must admit… People constantly watch something ‘ideal’ around themselves, or better said – a huge lie and fake beauty.

In the times of social media popularity, it really is hard to stay normal and rational. You may do your best and be very pretty, and yet still often feel like it is not enough because of the nowadays standards.

You may even know people in real lives who look completely different on social media platforms, and no one even questions how weird that is anymore? And the terms ‘real-life’ and ‘virtual life’? It is bizarre.

Okay, now when we have this intro, I definitely want to tell you something… Something very important.

Do you know how does a perfect human body look like? And yes, it may not be what you think… But if you think as you will read below, I am really glad that you exist. And I wish you an amazing life!

So, let’s start…

A perfect human body looks kind, in the first place. Kindness can be easily seen through their eyes. It is also visible when they act and socialize with other people.

A perfect human body is gentle. They do not show aggression, if they are not actually attacked or if their life doesn’t depend on that.

A perfect human’s body looks like it is dancing with life all the time. It is natural, it is black, and it is white, and it can be made in numerous different manners. And it is perfect that way. And it is always enough…

Perfect, perfect, perfect… That word is actually very boring. Let’s say – a brave body. What does a brave body do? It fights through life. It laughs, it cries, it is frightened and relaxed, and often all of the mentioned in the very same moment…

A perfect body usually comes with some scars because that shows the person has actually lived. And those who have lived appreciate life more. They know about the hard times. They remember they successfully went through those. So, that perfect body has hope. It carries the hope with every step the legs take, and every situation the tomorrow brings…

The perfect human body loves to hug and kiss other people. The perfect human body doesn’t want to be compared to the others. They find everyone special, unique, and valuable.

Rational and smart people know that they should appreciate life in all manners. Everything may happen for a reason, but even if something doesn’t happen for a reason – a perfect body has their chance to react to that event and make it bad or good. An event is an event, it comes, it doesn’t have side, it is natural – a perfect body knows to recognize a lesson, or a gift, or sometimes even grief, which is not bad by itself.

Of course, some things that happen in life may be very hard, but a perfect body doesn’t just think about a particular situation, but it looks at everything as a part of the journey.

A perfect human body doesn’t show envy, jealousy, or extreme lust. A perfect human body doesn’t even think of their body as of personal possession, but rather of a tool that makes their life possible!

Isn’t this all above amazing? Isn’t that perfection? Perfection is life itself. A perfection is a living cell itself. And all those countless cell combinations that can be born make this Earth, you, me, and everyone around us – perfect.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this…

Do you often find yourself with low self-esteem due to society’s beauty standards?

Are you finally ready to forget about those once and for all and start nurturing true, one and only, the perfect human body you have?


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How to prepare your skin for travel by Beautiful People

Vacations are a welcome transition from the routine, mundane life. With the holidays approaching, you must have selected the destination, planned the itinerary, booked the hotels, tickets, and packed your bags. You need to take care of another essential task. It is to plan your travel skincare regime.

Travel can impact your skin. Traveling by a 12-hour flight or in the cross-country bus ride or traveling by roof racks cars can leave you with a dulled complexion and dry skin. Hence you must take steps beforehand to supply your skin with nutrients for the travel.

It is not easy to fit in various personal care lotions or a heavy makeup bag when you have already gone overboard while packing. You need not worry. You can leave the tough decision for us.

Here is the list of preparation you must make to prepare your skin for travel without overloading your baggage.

You must moisturize well before travel.

Dehydration becomes a real buzz kill when you are traveling. You do not always have a water bottle at hand for you to drink from when you get thirsty. Dehydration dries up the skin, which in turn, results in higher oil secretion. Moreover, the altitude change when you are on a flight affects the skin significantly. The compressed recirculating air can extremely dehydrate your skin. It is the reason many people suffer from itching and irritation on the exposed surfaces of the skin. Proper moisturization can prevent all this.

A day or two before you travel, you must exfoliate to unclog your pores. It will help the moisturizer seep deep into your skin. Apply a hydrating mask to nourish the skin on the night before your travel. It is more suitable that you chose masks with olive oil, honey, aloe or jojoba oil for superior hydration.

You should also pack a travel-size hydrating serum and moisturizer like Neostrata. It would take care of your care regime throughout and after the trip. It will further your cause of staying hydrated and moisturized.

You need to keep your makeup simple.

Healthy skin requires the pores to remain unclogged. If you cake your face with makeup, it will dehydrate your skin and clog your pores. Dehydrated skin secretes more oil to balance the moisture in the skin leading to breakouts. You would not want to spend the next few days with blemishes and pimples. While skin experts recommend that you travel makeup-free, following this advice can be impractical. The alternative is light makeup with frequent use of the hydrating mist. In case you are prone to skin breakouts, you must pack the spot treatment products. Benzoyl peroxide-based products and salicylic acid are excellent choices when traveling.

You must apply the SPF generously.

The sun will be your constant companion when you travel. The UV rays hit you directly when you are out in the open grounds. While you feel happy about the privilege of the beautiful view, it is not delightful for your skin. Such continuous exposure can dull your complexion, thereby, ruining those beautiful photographs you would brag about later. The Skin Cancer Foundation encourages the use of water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreens with a sun-protecting factor of 30 or above for best safeguard from the UV rays. You might want to get a stronger dose of the SPF if you plan on spending time on the beach. It is also essential that you reapply sunscreen every two hours.

You must pack cotton clothing

Travel can get grueling, particularly when you have to stack on clothes due to the cold. The same applies when you sweat buckets because of the sweltering heat. It influences your skin significantly. Rashes and abrasions caused due to friction between the skin and the cloth can spoil your fun. Therefore try to pack breathable and soft, comfortable clothing. Cotton clothes are skin-friendly. These are also easy to care for, allowing you more time to enjoy rather than whining about your clothes.

You should choose water over everything else.

While traveling, you often neglect to drink water frequently. Add to that frequent consumption of alcohol and coffee. All these leave you dehydrated. Hence, it is better not to use that chance to drink water. Green tea is the recommended beverage. The antioxidants in green tea are more potent than vitamin C. This will help you feel and look the best when you travel.

You need to get the post-travel care right 

Now that vacation time is over, you must get ready to join work. It is time to start the aftercare for your skin. Wash the pollutants off of your skin with a glycolic wash. Use a light moisturizer to help hydrate the skin after cleanup. It is best to book a revitalizing facial after your return from your vacation. Your esthetician will better assess the requirement of your skin and plan your treatment subsequently. This way you will reverse any damage the skin might have endured. An oxygenating treatment will help clean out your pores and detoxify your skin. The post-travel facial nourishment will reinvigorate your skin, adding a fresh glow.

Traveling is a rejuvenating experience. It refreshes the soul and pulls the mind away from the mundane cycle of the 9-5 life. When you prepare the best adventures for your travel, it is vital to make your skin for the travel. You need to ensure that you look as great as you did when you went on vacation. Do you struggle in carrying luggage on a road trip?  Try the strongest roof racks, as they ensure the cars can carry extra luggage anywhere in any situation. It will give a perfect vacation experience without any hassles.

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9 Things You Should do Daily To Make You More Attractive by Beautiful People

Everyone wants to be more attractive. But we all know how achieving that may not be that simple… Yet, there are some things you can do on a daily basis which will definitely make you more desirable to the opposite gender! Check out the list below for more…

Sense of humor. ”He makes me laugh”, is one of the reasons women often say they find their mate attractive. A sense of humor in a man has been scientifically proven to draw the attention of women. Studies have found that both women and men list ‘a sense of humor’ as a highly desirable trait in a potential romantic partner. Why? Because having such skills mean that you are intelligent and creative as well. Yet, women are evolutionarily the primary caregivers for youngsters, they may be particularly concerned with having kids with good genes. Besides that, everyone likes to be around someone who brings them serotonin, creates more fun, and always looks at the bright side of life. People with a sense of humor are also more optimistic and try to solve the problems in a better/positive way.

Wear light makeup. Be sure to express your natural beauty. Too much makeup is not attractive to men, and most of them claim how they don’t have much trust in women who completely ‘change their identity’ with makeup. Find what suits you. Be sure to choose the right colors depending on your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.

Always be kind. When it comes to attraction, it’s definitely not all about looks. Good people often seem more attractive. “The ‘halo effect’ suggests that those who are perceived as physically attractive are also perceived as having socially favorable personality traits like kindness.” This stereotype may also work in the opposite direction – socially favorable personality traits may also affect ratings of physical attractiveness.

Avoid stress. Just like how smiling and displaying kindness make you more attractive, dull skin, for example, makes you less attractive. And not just because stress tends to show up on our faces – somehow, others can sense that it’s part of a weakened immune system.

In a study from Europe and South Africa, women rated men as more attractive when the men had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and a stronger immune system. “Women seem to be able to detect the men who’ve got the strongest immune response, and they seem to find them the most attractive.”

Stay active. Women definitely love men who are physically active more. You can simply connect it to our biology. Women want their men to protect them, so physically active men are always more desirable than those who would choose to lay in front of the TV for the whole day.

Education. Both women and men prefer people who are educated than those who aren’t. Don’t get me wrong, it is all about working on yourself. Learn some new skills if you want to be more attractive to another gender.

Get rid of bad habits. Any bad habit that affects your life in a bad way may be a big alarm for your potential partner. If you are biting your nails, drinking alcohol, smoking, swearing, or you name it, know-how that really makes you less attractive. Be sure to change such habits.

A healthy diet. Make healthier food choices and watch your skin, hair, and overall body become more beautiful. Get rid of all those toxins and improve your levels of attractiveness.

Take care of your health issues. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from allergies, bad breath, or have a chronic sinus infection, be sure to take good care of your health. Of course, you will be more attractive to your partner/potential partner that way because we are all biologically searching for a healthy mate.

Would you like to add something else to this list?

With which fact do you agree the most?

Author: Dragana Drobnjak

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Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women by Beautiful People

There have been countless speculations when it comes to breast cancer and cosmetics. Deodorants, hair dyes, shampoos, perfumes… This list is literally endless and every woman uses at least something when it comes to beauty products.

The study I will talk about now didn’t indicate which hair products were used or any specific ingredients. Yet, it has definitely brought very important information everyone should know about.

The data could be especially important for women with a family history of breast cancer, but no firm conclusions have been established as to why permanent hair dyes affect black women more. Maybe it is because they have more melanin or different genetics?

It may be also connected with higher usage, specific ingredients, or the amount of dye absorbed by the hair. It’s also important to note that a direct link between cancer and dyes or straighteners has not been definitely established. Some chemicals that are regularly used in hair care products called parabens imitate estrogen and many breast cancer tumors contain an extensive number of estrogen receptors. A myriad of factors contributes to the development of breast cancer… Overall, everything that imitates estrogen may be harmful to some women who already have higher risks for breast cancer. I mean, just think about soya… It also imitates estrogen (and it is everywhere!).

Straighteners didn’t demonstrate any significant variations among different races or ethnic groups, but the products do contain formaldehyde that’s long been known to be a carcinogen. That’s especially troubling for dark skin women who may regularly relax or straighten their hair. As you can come up to a conclusion by yourself, using something on a daily basis will definitely bring at least some harm to your body, it doesn’t have to be breast cancer.

According to a new study released by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services, chemical straighteners and hair dyes that black women regularly use may be increasing their risk of breast cancer. The potential exists for all women, but it’s particularly alarming to dark skin women who tend to use the products more. 

Multiple studies over the years have shown an increase in chronic healthcare concerns among salon workers that includes asthma. Now breast cancer has been added to the list of potential health risks for stylists and their clients.

Ladies that work in any type of beauty saloon are exposed to countless different chemicals each and every day. They don’t even need to touch those to have consequences, but breathing such toxic air (full of different perfumes) also leaves marks on the body.

Dark skin women who used dyes regularly and had a sister diagnosed with breast cancer exhibited a 30% increased risk of developing the disease at some point in their lifetime compared to Caucasian women. African-American women that used permanent hair dye every 5-8 weeks were 60 percent more likely to develop the disease. The study found no such correlation with temporary or semi-permanent dyes.

Be sure to know your family’s health history. It is of crucial value to inform yourself properly about that.

What else can you do? Check your breasts at home every month. Be sure that everything is fine. Check your breasts with ultrasound with your radiologist or gynecologist every year, or if you have a family history of breast cancer, twice per year.

Do you think that ladies nowadays aren’t properly informed about the danger of breast cancer?

Or do you believe that cosmetics play a huge role in this disease? 

Author: Dragana Drobnjak

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