Why do women want to be beautiful?

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Have you ever wondered why we all want to be forever young and beautiful, and women especially? Well, there isn’t any official answer to this question. I would rather say that there are a lot of reasons for this. Let’s explain them a bit…

There have been many scientific types of research and experiments done on this topic, and especially in Asia. All of them have provided similar information and tried to answer the question – why do women want to be beautiful?

Let’s start from our very beginnings and the forms of the first civilizations. Even then, women have practised some sorts of beauty rituals, done makeup, and took great care of their hair. Back then, many women have got better positions in society by being pretty, and, of course, their ”value” was higher because they couldn’t achieve something bigger as warriors, kings, knights… Of course, some of them were possible to achieve that too, but we are talking about the majority here.

We can also say that women want to be young and beautiful because of superiority, self-development, individuality, and success. We must always think of different aspects, like what do they gain with beauty in attitudinal, emotional, and behavioural fields and aspects.

When you think about women and beauty today, you may come up to a conclusion that women exaggerate with it these days. Somehow, it all became ”too perfect” and fake. You are barely able to see a successful lady without makeup, right? Well, it may be seen in some science fields, but definitely not often.

When you ask a woman why she wants to be beautiful, ladies will always tell that it has nothing to do with men. Somehow, that is the truth. They want to make their hair and do their makeup because of the other women who will do the same. That’s definitely the truth for so many women…

Of course, the term beauty is differently seen within the cultures and civilizations, but every beauty term and its vision is able to catch the eye of the others.

Unfortunately, there is another view on this entire ”problem”, and it is probably related to women’s biology. Menopause. Wow, how did I come to this? It’s actually easily understandable. Everyone considers young and beautiful women important and ”of higher value” because they are able to get pregnant and create new life. Many women, unfortunately, get into the menopause in their 40s or 50s, which is still young. But since then, they lose their ability to bear children, and the society (and especially men) look at them differently.

Women also want to look beautiful because the entire world expects ladies to be ”the more beautiful gender”. That phrase has been repeated so many times that we probably feel at least some sort of pressure to keep it real.

As you can realize, it’s not all black or white. Some ladies follow their culture, some want to be more successful than the others, while some want to express their value through looks.

Overall, being pretty is not a crime, you must admit that. Our biology works this way too. We all want to be young, beautiful, and healthy, to attract a potential mate.

Why do women attract men with their looks? Because men are visual beings, while we, ladies, rather search for safety, success, and stability.

Do you think that women are more beautiful than men?

What is your personal opinion about beauty standards nowadays?

Author: Dragana Drobnjak

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