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It started when the United Nations have sent a group of the soldiers from Nepal to the U.S. mission which was actually financed and peacekeeping. The soldiers were sent to post-quake Haiti. No one thoughts that anything would go wrong,.....
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California Fires

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Your modeling career is just about to get started? Not sure which are the best photos you should send to the model agencies? Most newbies experience these problems and often get stuck without realizing what mistakes are they making. So,.....
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7 Easy Ways to Become a Fashion Model

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Top 12 Sexiest Models in France

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Well, this is really a philosophical question, if I may admit. Let’s take a look at our history! What was considered beautiful? A long time ago, people preferred bodies which have some few extra pounds. They associated it with wealth,.....
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Leading a Healthier and Youthful Life

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The Best Skin Care for All Skin Types

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World’s Safest Cities

Have you ever wondered what are the safest cities on the planet? Have you wished to live in them? Can you imagine such a feeling of safeness on the everyday basis? I may admit that
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