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There has been a lot of speculation on who or what the beast system is likely to be. The Bible clearly foretells through God’s prophets that; in the days of the end a beast system would be set up. Hence,.....


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What are your behaviors while shopping? Do you ever think about the things you are buying? Do you check the material and quality, or do you just grab and buy whatever you like? Have you ever thought about the real.....


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There is a deceptive idea that is crawling in our culture that a tan denotes health, prosperity and even beauty. This can be clearly seen in fashion magazines and the entertainment industry as a whole. The tanning industry itself is.....
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Does Physical Beauty Really Matter?

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Little known rule could get you upgraded

Not such a year ago and a very fun it was, some say that a “surprise” update wasn’t the unusual thing it is today. In fact, if you visited enough, it was almost just a
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