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Forever 21 – Company of the Month – February 2019

Company name: Forever 21 Founder: Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang Year: April 21, 1984 Total Assets: US$ 1.4 billion Revenue: US$ 4 billion Net Income: US$ 124 million Country:  United States of America Headquarter: Los Angeles, California Industry: Apparel Webpage: Number of employees: 30,000   Forever 21 became one of the biggest and most competitive fast fashion retail store manufacturers on the globe competing…

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11 toughest job to fill in 2019

Everybody likes to see job development and a cut in unemployment. This is no easy challenge, though. Discovering job opportunities is a challenging task for most job hunters, and some professionals battle to discover open job roles in their field completely. But, overshadowed by all of the clamorings for job creation in America society,…

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12 Best Leaders of 2018

There are as many explanations of leadership as there are leaders. Each leader has a unique style and technique, dependent character and areas experienced in the leadership role. While the style of leadership differs, there are qualities that all great leaders share. Here are 12 the best leaders of 2018 in the world: 1.…

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Reason why naps are good for your brain

A midday quick sleep might make you smarter. New research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that a regular one-hour nap can enhance intellectual performing in adults. Better sleeping is known to provide lots of health advantages. These can include better heart service, hormonal maintenance, and cell repair as well as enhancing…

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