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Posted on August 02, 2016, 7:40 pm
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Beautiful People – You Asked, We Answered!


The concept for Beautiful People Magazine was founded in 2006 to cultivate the sensible idea that beauty is not simply a matter of physical appearance, but is based on our lifestyles and the choices we make to build a better society. Beautiful People Magazine aims to promote social change while honoring diversity in physical beauty. Through the contest, anyone can compete to win the title of beautiful People Magazine’s Person of the Year. 

Our featured articles are the following:

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We celebrate individuals who are making the world a better place. In a full color glossy magazine, we consolidate various world cultures in order to demonstrate their beauty while reflecting on the plight of those who are less fortunate. 
Beautiful People Magazine is a pure, cultural publication that offers a diversity of articles to its advertisers and readers.

A glamorous magazine that celebrates all walks of life, by providing the ultimate insider a provocative approach to Beautiful People everywhere.


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At Beautiful People Magazine we understand the power of our brand, together with our readers and contributors we forged a powerful connection that is built to educate, influence, inspire and entertains the world. Our contents are directly contributed by our global network of readers and contributors for we are the vehicle force by which their voice is share to the world; Their stories are boldly shared, their passion,  their energy and their point of view are being awarded to the world through their insightful articles and commentaries.

A One of a Kind Global Perspective!

Beautiful People Magazine vision of the world, style and philosophy are very different from other publications. We are 100% Independent, 100% Meritocratic, We are International, We are Relevant; if it matters in our society we will cover it. Beautiful People Magazine report on World issues, Social entrepreneur, philanthropy and fashion. Our magazine includes sections such as 100 Heroes of the World and World Changers, which is regular features that focus on individuals who are making a difference in the world. The magazine has been referred to as “The New Standard of Beauty” due to its coverage of inner and outer beauty. 


Inner & outer beauty come together in all issues of Beautiful People Magazine. Beautiful People Magazine also showcases designers, styles, and cuisine from all over the world. We introduce the best popular dishes and recipes from around the globe. Beautiful People Magazine also celebrates individuals in sections such as Who’s Who among Philanthropists, Greatest Givers around the World, Beautiful People We Love, Charity, and much more! Each issue is also packed with practical details and information concerning individuals who have a different concept and/or mission to support People struggling in other parts of the world. The cover of the Beautiful People Magazine can be graced by all walks of life, no matter the ethnicity, culture, age, creed, or educational background.

Why do we exist?

Every time we turn on the TV, we are witnessing the falling of the world; Major events are happening every day around the world. We know the world is full of beautiful people and we at Beautiful People Magazine are grateful that we have been able to experience this first hand. One of our hopes for the world is to inspire millions of people globally to care more about our planet. We live in a world where heroism is dying. Our global society keeps choosing the wrong heroes. At Beautiful People Magazine, it is our purpose, our passion, our responsibility to change the world’s perception of who our true heroes are.