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The Virus, The Lockdown, The Madness & Bible’s Prophecy

Destroying the economy and forcing vaccinations on people is definitely the first thing that comes to my mind after reading all those news in the media. Why? Because they don’t tell the truth! There are numerous different information, and their only goal is to make you confused and frightened. You know it’s easier to deal with people who are scared, right? Bill Gates and doctor Fauci are not to be trusted, that’s for sure.

The New World Order is coming whether you like it or not. It’s in the Bible. It will come to pass. There is no fighting it. There is no stopping it. The Bible told us the future thousands of years ago. And it is this future, we are now living! Can you believe it?

The bible didn’t make suggestions, it told us exactly what is to be. And now you see the bible coming to life right before your eyes. But however you see it, there will be no stopping it…

They taught us things in school that they wanted us to know. They gave us a book and said this is what you must learn. They have been brainwashing us since our early ages, with a purpose to rule us all one day.

hgfhgfThe things you should know, the things you should feel, the things you should believe in – you had to learn it by yourself! And I hope you did…

We believe everything they tell us, and we fall in line like sheep, follow the system to survive… And now, many of us are too tired to fight back, to blind to see the truth, to deaf to hear the right words that can save us…

It’s all happening. We knew it was coming. Agenda 21, event 201, whatever you want to call it. The economy is shut down, cash is almost banned, there is a work stoppage, martial law, and skilled workers can still be forced to work for free, fined if they don’t comply, and there is also a gag order on Google for small businesses… When you just read all that in one single sentence – MADNESS!

The Government is trying to make everyone put all their eggs into their basket.

The Virus was let in to blame the fall of the U.S economy, the EU economy, Chinese economy… The world’s strongest countries are going to fall down. The massive bubble of debt was always going to pop and now they can perfectly blame it on Covid19.

Everyone needs to stop watching the media… The media stories NEVER END…

And you know what? Definitely, the most concerning thing are how many people have no idea how deep the situation actually is!

Next will be no one is allowed to go to work, travel school, unless they can prove they have THE VACCINE. Mandatory vaccines coming soon. The vaccine will be more deadly than the ” virus”. We are in big trouble.

hgfvhThose that deceive others will also be deceived. Remain living an HONEST life no matter what the cost.

Do you think that it is now obvious that a lot of bigger things are hidden behind COVID-19?

When and how do you expect this all to end?

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