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Suffering the consequences of change

The world will never be the same again… You can literally feel in the air that things are changing. Humanity is waking up on the planet. The cabal is falling. Major keys at this time are going within, letting go of old thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, getting reconnected to nature, slowing down the pace, coming back to ourselves, re-entering communication with our subconscious mind. Get away from distraction, sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes & tune in. You have all the answers within, just calm the waters so you can see what’s below the surface, and come back to who you truly are.

As a human being, you have all the answers right there, in your soul. Never doubt it. It is giving you answers all the time, you just need to listen. And I know, while this horrible society is trying everything in their power to make the noise so you can’t find the answers within yourself, we all must fight for what is right, and never give up.

What’s going on around the globe? Let’s ‘start’ with this… And yes, I’ll have to talk about the pandemic.

dswsdCOVID-19 is, first of all, an overblown pandemic to usher in Global governance and government tracking systems. It’s all going to collapse not because of a virus or a disaster but because of man’s ignorance. You are witnessing the execution of a plan that has been years in the making. Step back and look at what you’re being fed. You’re being manipulated on a scale that is almost incomprehensible. So far, it’s been highly successful.

Do you feel that they are taking away your true values? Have you realized that they don’t want you to feel like yourself? Their mission is to take away every little sparkle of life from us, so we become amazing puppets that fulfill their plans, or better said – experiments.

Fear is their weapon for you to submit to their cloaking device of safety and submission of your freedom.

Do you know that George Carlin said it all already? We are all programs to be one thing, obedient workers and consumers. We are program from the moment we come into this world there is information for the classes and information for the masses. The masses get information that is the opposite of the truth, which transfers wealth to the classes. TRUTH!

Will you allow them to completely erase our dignity that way? What about your family and friends? Will you watch ourselves fade like we never existed?

For them, we are already just walking skeletons… They do not care about that sparkle of life, hope, love, or anything good you have in yourself. They will try everything to suck it out from you. Don’t play their games…

And it all changes in all spheres of our lives. Think of education for a bit. We have no final education in our schools. Look at the millennial generations – they are the biggest indebted generation in history. How much financial education do our school put out? Zero. Is this an accident? Our school was built to create workers, and not someone who will be able to fight them back or even understand what is going on around them. They don’t want to educate us in a proper manner because in that case we can become ” dangerous”, or simply said – realize everything they are doing and stand for ourselves. And once we stand for ourselves, together, we can fight back! And eventually, win! That’s exactly why they are afraid and why they have ‘created’ our society to function that way, so people will live in complete ignorance.

They value one thing only, and you know it’s called money…

A lot of lawlessness happening nowadays – these young adults grew up in households with no rules, no chores, no obedience, no consequences to their actions… Besides that, both parents are working now and nobody is ever around to nurture these kids growing up. And what happens next? They are becoming too independent and doing everything too early! The real truth is that they don’t even have the basic tools to live!

What makes me sad is that no God is present in a lot of households these days, so these kids play video games that simulate real life. See what’s wrong? They are already choosing by themselves to live stimulated life rather than their own!

Later on, they have unhealthy relationships with people and lack the basic skills for conflict resolution. The final result? They create that same family, have children they don’t teach anything, and let them live in a simulation… And those, ‘who rule our planet’, simply love that! They are happy with that because such people cannot even think on their own terms. They are amazing future puppets for their experiments.

It’s a totally different world we live in now – we are suffering the consequences of change. This world is coming under a strong delusion. While the elites cook up new ideas to divide and conquer us, not to mention keeping us far from the Bible, we, people of the world are totally distracted and fight over our favorite football teams and lust after these witches and wizards… How silly that sound once you say it out loud? It is ridiculous!

We all must think by our own brains, feel by our own hearts, and follow our souls.

sdfreffAnd what is actually happening? While the world is dying, all we care about is who is going to like our latest pic on some of the socialistic apps! Is that the best we can do?

And you know what, their goal is nearly here… Their mission for mass control… Many people are actually helping them achieve all those creepy plans! We are making it easier with our silly habits!

The next stage is coming out in the open now… Implants, microchips, robots, TRANSHUMANISM – and all that controllable by someone else OTHER than the person with the implant…

Are you scared of that? We all should be.

Can you do something about it? Yes, you can do a lot! Pray… Hit the floor with your knees and PRAY… Your life depends on it. Life is a trap where everything is an addiction.

The government wants us to be dependent on them. The Great Deception… People are so hypnotized by the media, entertainment, materialistic obsessions, narcissism, lust, and this list is literally endless…

They even fail to see the world crumbling before them!

No, you can’t save everyone, but you can always start with yourself…

God is with us – we will overcome this time brethren. Protect your families. Be strong with the Lord.

Do you also feel that the air we breathe has somehow changed? I mean, in a spiritual manner…

How do you feel like a part of our nowadays society? Happy? Tired? Scared?

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