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Social Distance Is a Lie – Here’s Why

Where the hell is ALEX JONES when you need him? Oh, that’s right – the media conveniently silenced him a year before! Wonder why? It’s no mistake.

Afraid of coronavirus? Let me tell you one thing… The most dangerous virus we have to fear is the New World Order! This scamdemic is the greatest human rights violation in the entire human history! They must have gotten impatient and decided to kick off this Great Leap Forward towards the prison planet that is coming. People, it’s time to get right with God and get on the right team.

This became so serious worldwide. Have you realized that every single president is acting the same? They use this situation to implement their sick fascistic ideas!

The easiest way to gain an ignorant person’s consent is to scare the crap out of them while offering the solution or cure, which is actually the disease. You know that the Big Pharma always takes the most money from people when they are fragile – either when they are born, sick, or dying. It makes me vomit, really…

If you have had a flu injection in the past 10 years – you WILL test positive for CV-19… Imagine that? So, literally, any virus you had will come out with the positive COVID-19 result. WHY ARE THEY LYING TO US? The sad thing is that too many people don’t even know or see what’s going on ”behind the curtain”. They became so rude to people, it seems like how they aren’t even ashamed of anything at all! And how they can even be ashamed if they don’t even have basic morals!

xfcgvdPeople simply must know this: “Scientists are doing an awful amount of damage to the world in the name of helping it. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” They’re using this pandemic to drag us into a beyond Orwellian global dystopia. Disgusting that individuals are lying on legal documents should be punished for going along with this whole farce.

All the governments of the world are clearly controlled by powerful elites, otherwise, this lockdown couldn’t have happened. All clearly pre-planned for multi globalist political agendas. It never seems to amaze me just how easily brainwashed people are. They’re so brainwashed, when the media says run with fear, cause we say so. That everyone freaks out and runs with fear. Open your eyes people. Use your common sense. It’s pretty amazing that everything the BIBLE predicted is coming true. The evil elites want to complete control over you! They don’t want any more of God’s people here. They want a fulfilled beast system. Soon, you’ll have to make a choice. Take their vaccination shot, or be locked up. Artificial intelligence? They are forcing everything to speed up because they think we are now blinded by fear. And very soon, they’ll even tell you – ”You see? AI and IoT and microchips have saved you! They have saved everything – from our lives to schools and education, to even traveling.” That is exactly how they will lie to you. I hope you won’t believe it. I hope you’ll get at least a little amount of energy to act and stand for your human rights.

Is there something you can do for yourself and for your beloved ones? The best thing to do is to avoid the vaccination shots. Resist the vaccine people, this is about control of the masses! They have been injecting us since we were children with God knows what, cancer being one of them. Autism? Autoimmune diseases? It all came from there.

Bill Gates resigned as CEO of Microsoft to invest in numerous pharmaceutical companies and Vaccines. But you know what? He’s a software pedlar. He has nothing to do with medication! Everyone I speak to agrees this virus has been released on purpose to rid the elderly (a burden to medical services), population control, the weak and infirm.

This is a test to see if they can control people, keep them in their houses, stay home, protect lives, brainwashing us all, daily death tolls by the media to enforce fear that the virus is so bad. Don’t use money, money holds the virus, contactless only, and this list is driving us crazy and is literally endless! Why not use money? Because they crash the economy to create a global currency to rid money and start introducing the chip (into your hand) which has been worked on and perfected for the last 15-20 years! Remember that ‘super technological world’ I’ve mentioned earlier above? Yes, that’s it.

I don’t listen to mainstream media because it’s all narrated. They make it that way, so you only hear what they want you to see/hear. But the truth is completely the opposite. The nursing homes are cutting the hours of the nurses’ aides and they have to find other jobs. Nursing homes aren’t accepting new patients and some families are taking their loved ones out because they can’t visit them. Not everyone is in a position to do that. But the hospitals should be overflowing with patients, right?

nvjvgLast month they laid off 400 employees at Cookeville Regional, a small-town hospital in TN. And then, I have seen commercials where you can donate plasma to that hospital and they give you $65 every time you donate. Many people go to Cookeville hospital to donate plasma.

The elite are quarantining that with coronavirus or similar symptoms at a small number of hospitals in New York and leaving all other hospitals empty. They are not allowing medicine, visitors, and do not revive them if they flat line. The virus can be survived with an inhaler for more extreme cases. People are being murdered through a prearranged process that ends with them on ventilators and not being resuscitated. The ventilators have such high pressure that if they survive their lungs will be permanently damaged.

Besides that, they don’t respect people that much they even leave them to die all alone, not even being able to say goodbye to their beloved ones! How low is that? And the funerals? It’s horrible. They wrap them up like some animals and let almost no one say goodbye to them. It is very humiliating. They are taking every single atom of our life!

Our global economy is in the toilet. Our freedom and our children’s freedom is all there is left to fight for. Something needs to happen before we get backed into a corner and cannot fight back. The time is now! Spread the word. Send article links or videos that speak the truth to every email address you know. We need to get the word out. POST COMMENTS EVERYWHERE!

It’s all made up lies and we are in a Matrix set up generations ago. All we all know are lies. All we see is lies. All we live is ONE HUGE LIE. While they take everything from us, and in the end, humiliate us.

The medical field will never be trusted again for participation in this C-19 fraud! Medical care gives the hospital $13,000 for every admittance into it due to the virus, and for every patient, they put on a ventilator the hospital gets up to $40,000! Conclusion? They have a financial gain to admit them.

Everyone at medicare headquarters at the executive level needs to be arrested and the same goes for the hospital administrators that allow this. And Dr. Fauci needs to be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.

They are offering a good amount of money to family members of deceased ones for them to say he or she died from COVID-19.

Snapchat filters have had trendy mask filters for years like they were preparing us for this long ago. Snapchat? It always has something to do with the government. Beware that your children aren’t using it. It definitely is one of the crappiest apps ever made!

dfgdOne of my friends is a nurse and she and coworkers are constantly exposed. So, they test periodically. She’s had a positive test 1 day, and then another test a few days later and tested negative. 0 symptoms. She’s not the only one? What does that tell you? Tests are not even valid! Did you know that the president of Tanzania has ordered his people to test papaya, a goat, and a sheep on coronavirus? And you know what happened? Papaya is COVID-19 positive, so is a goat! It’s ridiculous, they are making fun of us!

What happened in Australia? First, it was school children who couldn’t go to school or preschool, if unvaccinated. Now, it’s spreading on the adults as well. Who knows where the end of this horrible nightmare is! The end doesn’t actually exist if we don’t act together to save ourselves as a race!

Governments are blackmailing us, forcing us to have vaccines, we now have to have the flu vaccine in order to visit our elderly in Nursing Homes. We will need it when we want to visit another country. They say we’ll have to test for coronavirus if we want to travel, and they will take $100 to $200 for each test!

Even doctors now don’t accept patients with other diseases if they don’t have a test. And the mask prices?

Coronavirus test costs, daily masks, daily gloves, all that at the highest amount of cash to be paid – and they took our jobs!

Nightingales hospital? What a joke! Cost of setup was millions – no doubt, 4000 beds installed and only 20 used – it’s a joke!

I’ve already mentioned Snapchat as one of the apps that are following your location and even suggesting some silly things to support everything sick in this world. But it definitely isn’t the only one. We also have Tiktok, and it is leaking our data!

Okay, let’s just say a few more important things before we are ‘done’. Bill Gates – he’s the evilest person ever born. Fauci is the same, the go hand by hand…

But there are some good people as well that don’t want to stay silent to all this madness. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, for example, has done a lot to unmask during this pandemic! He has even described how this disease is not new, nor is it making a higher number of deaths worldwide. Dr. Rashid Buttar also said that everyone who got any flu during the past decade will test positive for COVID-19!

And don’t forget what George Orwell said:

“The ideal set up by the Party was something huge, terrible, and glittering—a world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons—a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting—three hundred million people all with the same face.”

Will you stand up against this torture together with others?

How mad are you because they are ruining our lives, our planet, our existence?

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