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How many people are dying of car accidents per day and year? You would be surprised by the numbers…

Since the pandemic, no one is talking about any other cause of death except due to coronavirus. But, how do statistics really look like? Let’s take a look at some things first…

On average, car accidents cause 3,287 deaths in the US per day! More than 1.25 million die in car accidents in just a single year, and that’s what they know! Many others aren’t even calculated in those statistics, and keep in mind – that’s only in the US!

All around the globe, there are millions of deaths due to vehicle accidents of different types. An additional 20-50 million become disabled, injured, or sick in some manner due to the same reason!

People who get into car accidents mostly range from 14 to 55 years old, which means that we have a lot of young people dying daily just because of that.

Number of deaths for leading causes of death: CDC 2017

Heart disease: 647,457;

Cancer: 599,108;

Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936;

Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201;

Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383;

Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404;

Diabetes: 83,564;

Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672;

Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,633;

Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173;

CHILDBIRTH: 303,000!!!


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They are desperately hyping up a new “surge” of the fake-it-like-corona-virus because they want to trigger anger for May Day in two days. Hegelian dialectics: they create the problem, make you cry out for a solution, and then they pop up as the solution. Sounds familiar? That’s all life around us!

We know what the solution is, according to them. They want to control us completely from now on! They have been speeding up this process with this pandemic farse. Cashlessness, mandatory vaccines i.e your consent to have you murdered…

This has been the game they’ve been playing on African soil for eons. All performances are just hidden occult rituals & lesser magick to pre-program the masses.

Let’s not talk more nonsense. We, people of the world, have already reached the critical mass for the understanding that “all this fuzz” is just a smokescreen to either force people to surrender unto our domineers (NWO) and enslave us all or to allow a private overhauling of the “System” that is clearly rotten.

Evil vs Godness. Common sense. We demand an immediate answer to what is happening. We command the truth. That is our human right.

It seems the man-made moral structure has collapsed and has brought down with it what was left of our confidence, faith, reliance, and trust for our leaders.

They want us tired, so they are doing everything in their power to make us frightened all the time. As we live in fear, we become ill, blind, not interested in anything anymore, without any amount of energy to support, create, and continue living a NORMAL LIFE!

How many times do you need to scream a lie before it becomes a permanent false truth? We can’t and we won’t ever bring it back to normal as it was 4 months ago… This is a permanent change. The human future has already begun. We will not accept more impositions and the new normal. Either we construct a new fair, just, and a beautiful world in perfect synergistic harmony with the planet, or we are doomed. The last one that goes out – please turn off the lights… We haven’t succeeded.

And this all puppet show with that coronavirus has definitely gone too far. Let me explain to you one simple thing. Cryptic meaning of COVID-19… C = Certificate O = Of V = Vaccination ID = ID identification 19 = Al (Artificial Intelligence).

And here is a breakdown of what 19 mean… The 19th letter is SYSTEM or just pluralism. 1 is “A” and 9 is “ I “ So, 19 would represent “AI”, which would be the “chipping tracking and monitoring integration” (Certificate Of Vaccination ID & Synchronized Artificial System). And you know what that means? Literally replacing us and making us live without a soul!

No morals, no purpose, no ideas, no freedom, no personal information… NOTHING! Just monitored numbers… All those movies weren’t there for no reason. They’ve been planning it for too long!

xdfgvrdgThis thing will be injected into everybody (referring to gullible people) as a chip and will be controlled remotely via 5G by the satanist (aka globalist). Hence, given them full control over humanity! As you can see that CONVID-19 has NOTHING to do with the social distancing. It has nothing to do with the disease. And it, of course, has nothing to do with PROTECTING US, helping us, and making us HEALTHY.

My friend is a staff nurse in the ER, at one of the London hospitals and she has been sat at home more times than she’s been at work due to not being needed since this saga started. They are talking about “elective” surgeries. They have reduced hours of work, and patients are not going to the Dr or emergency urgent care. That way, they are counting more COVID-19 deaths and pumping this silly thing until we all explode!

Are you sick and tired of listening to their COVID-19 death numbers all day long?

Have you now realized how many people are dying on a daily basis due to other causes as well?

And such amount will even raise because they obviously don’t treat any other condition that coronavirus…

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