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Life-changing events worldwide – Who it is to blame?

In the last ‘few’ years, strange and horrible events have started happening worldwide. Unfortunately, such things have changed new (and some old) generations entirely. It seems like how numerous people have started acting in a ‘new’ way, or better said – they have lost their own way through life… They started living as they tell them… They have no basics skills of survival but constantly rely on new technologies and everything it’s offered around them.

Besides all that being said, people are also giving too much credit to the enemy but they forget that God is in control and things will happen on his time, not theirs. Love your enemies is the most difficult commandment. I have really tried but I cannot do it with my own strength!

Stephen HawkingAlthough this spiritual war has been waged since the beginning of time, things really started to shift in a major way after the big ritual of 911, which I’ve often referred to the Bible verse revelation 9:11 as he spoke of.

Then we have things like the horse on the occult Denver Airport, the Illuminati city of Astana having a piece of the twin towers on display, and this goes on and on…

Cern messing with dimensions and the fabric of reality, Haarp, Chemtrails, The Mandela effect, even this crazy mania over the Coronavirus… Can you see it? It’s all connected, planned, and prophesied about!

Steven Hawking warns the physicists at CERN, that they’re playing with things that they don’t want to. Of course, the satanic bloodline people don’t listen. Make any mistakes, the Earth has gone through many (many) extreme changes since it’s design, creation, inception… Some changes have taken place slowly over time, while other changes have taken place very fast/in the blink of an eye. Is anyone truly aware of how everything we see here can actually disappear in the blink of an eye? Why don’t people appreciate life more? Why don’t people appreciate other people and work with them together on something good?

Why are we wasting our lives, when there is so much that can be done for this society, nature, and the overall planet?

The only changes we’re aware of 100% are the changes that have been recorded since record-keeping began and fit somewhere within the known (current) historical human timeline. Many events outside this extremely short timeline (which by the way is a TON of “events”) are little more than theorized speculations, which includes Darwin, the science books we studied in grade school, the science classes/professors we’ve had in college, as well as the science authors we’re fans of from the best seller’s list.

You know how it’s said – ”The history is always written by the winners.” How much we really know about our past? How much do we actually know about our presence? And the future? Will it even exist?

Earth IS a “veil of tears”, and IS the battleground for the souls of men/women.

CERN truly made one mistake by harvesting dark matter. Dark matter is a huge generator for negative energy, while the white light spectrum creates positive energy. Without an equal of both, you can’t have an organization –  just chaos! And we do have chaos here… Dark energy is all over the US.

And what to say about CERN? I cannot help myself but I must tell these things ‘out loud’.




CERN is no science. That’s an occult sacrificial act. Satanism must be annihilated!

CERN and other similar facilities are responsible for all the adverse events going on around the globe. They are silently creating chaos…

CERN is responsible for starting the events which will ultimately kill almost all life on Earth.

CERN, with others, created the impetus to bring about the extinction-level events that are now in motion around the World.

CERN alone, yields over 1000 times the unshielded magnetic energy of Earth’s magnetosphere (just think about it…).

CERN can influence the Sun’s own polarity to create CME’s. Our Sun is supposed to be going into a solar minimum which you wouldn’t know just by looking at its radical and random outbursts.


The result of all that? All areas on Earth will experience one or even more life-changing events within the next year 3 or 4 years (if we are lucky).


How do you expect this pandemic to end?

Do you think something big will happen this winter as well?

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