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Google launches new website for social distancing

I always wondered why most cell-services didn’t work unless you had Google… Finally, we have discovered one reason – to keep tabs on you!

Nowadays cellphone is like shoving a GPS & Mic up your body. It turns out you became your own worst enemy, allowing them to follow your every step!

Google already tracks your movement without your consent via your phone. How else do you think Google Maps knows if there is heavy traffic on the roads and suggests a different route? They can even tell you when stores and restaurants are the most and least crowded… Ever thought how that is possible?

They are pretending that all the measures they have taken so far have barely helped, so they keep having to do more and more.

They are pushing and pushing more each day to see how far they can go before resistance is met. And then, they just squash the resistance and repeat the exercise until we completely give up.

adfafddfThey are tracking each and every one of us and giving that info to the Government. Enforcing social distancing in this way, and many people don’t leave their phones at home.

I wish people would understand what is really happening here. This tracking which they’ve been doing in secret anyway will not go away now.

The net is slowly tightening its Demonic grip over all of us… Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide – If only George Orwell could see the vile garbage that is happening these days, I am pretty sure that he wouldn’t be able to believe his eyes – this is even worse than the Big Brother!

Their agenda is going full speed ahead here in Ontario! $100,000 fines or one year in jail for not social distancing! Imagine that!

In Australia, the government is giving big fines and possible jail time if anyone goes outside while big 5G towers are being installed while everyone is inside.

In Canada, the Prime Sinister is vague about when this lockdown will end, but the army (24, 000) is already going to be deployed in Quebec next week till August.

In Germany they suggest people get a Special App so they can track where you have been in case you were tested positive on you know what… Just wow!

It’s all out in the open now, the world is under Satan’s watch but not for long. Spiritual warfare is taking place and Satan’s minions lose. Have no fear.

I figured turning off my location wasn’t really enough. They still have the ability to track your phone even if you turn it off or turn your location off. The only way to make your smartphone untrackable is to remove the battery which is next to impossible now because most smartphones have unremovable batteries. Think that they have made such smartphones with no reason?

They’re using this “outbreak” as the perfect excuse to take away our rights. It’s more obvious proof that it was all started by them.

Next, you’re going to take away your children if they’re running around too close to people… Better pay attention… They might say you’re a bad parent and take your children away. No one really knows how bad this can happen, but trust me – it can get even worse! The complete control is just around the corner, and who knows how will it end. But still, I beg you, have no fear. Such evil cannot last… It can only destroy itself.

My theory on implementing social distancing due to the ‘virus’ is to conditioning the public for once 5G is completely turned on.  Isolate the target and then go with whatever you want…

I guess we must live without specific technologies and live life like 1984… But who will be the first one to do it?

There is a factory that has installed the app on our Android called Google Play Services. I bet that everyone has heard of it. Numerous young people worldwide are using it for so many purposes. All those third-party apps, games, beauty cams, or you name it… All those ”silly” apps collect ALL of your data. Allow permission to see your gallery? Remember that question? Allow some app to make phone calls? How weird is that? Yet, everyone still presses YES!

This particular app is set by default and has every permission turned on. It has permission to access body sensors, calendar, camera, contacts, location, phone, SMS, and storage.

adfwscThis app serves no functional purpose. It’s designed to mine your data and monitor you. You cannot uninstall the app. The only thing you can do is shut off every permission an access request, which I’ve done already… But that may not be enough.

Here is some advice for everyone – When you are done using your phone, turn the WiFi off.  Also always turn off the house WiFi when you going to bed. That would definitely be the first thing you can do.

And then, reset your Google settings to all off including location. Better yet, you should delete Google if possible and use Firefox. Permanent delete of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok… All that trash must disappear.

What to use then? If you must use something, the best would be to just use YouTube without an account.

And never forget to turn off location on your cell phone & leave it at home when you go out.

Get a VPN service like Express VPN and a private VPN flash router on your Internet router/modem. If nothing, that should at least buy people some time.

Living the end times it’s not an easy and comfortable task, and this is just the beginning…

First, they use our own homes to arrest us, then we will be shot by the army if we go out, then the mark and Voilà! The New World Order is here, enjoy your time left!

As many countries around the world went into a lockdown to deal with COVID-19, Sweden has not taken such measures. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees remain open, as do primary schools and daycares. Of course, they have more dead people than the other countries around them, but not a lot more.

They constantly tell us how the economy is fading! But you know what – The economy is “crashing” yet they have money to fund these projects! Think about it…

Are you worried about what’s coming next?

Can’t we all just stand up for ourselves, together, once and for all?

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