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Their goal is 500 million world population by 2030

The truth is that the world is starving, and yes, more and more people are losing their jobs by each and every day… Yet, and unfortunately, we are not talking about that only… The goal of the powerful people that rule this world and make this all mess constantly is to decrease the population. Even Bill Gates was talking about that decade ago… Many scientists have also claimed how the world ”would function in the best manner” if only 500 million would be left here to live. Do you know what that means?

They are already working on their plan… Losing jobs brings poverty, poverty brings hunger, hunger brings illnesses, and at the end – death.

On the other hand, we are constantly bombed with all this news about powerful viruses, this time – Coronavirus. Was it made in the lab? Probably. It’s a bioweapon. Even China says how it may be ”accidentally” went from the lab. Accidentally? Okay, we are not that stupid. Please don’t humiliate us. Thank you…

xgfdvfCOVID-19 is contributing to the problem globally, including in North America. One billion people are at risk to die. And while the world is on the brink of a hunger pandemic, they became desperate because of worrying too much about literally everything.

They want us to be hungry, lonely, afraid, desperate because only then we will not be even able to question their intension with the business.

They rather destroy the food than give it away to the needy, because they will not make a profit. There are so many countries in need of food including the United States Of America. That is ridiculous! See? That’s one of the mindsets that need fixing immediately. If you feed the hungry God will bless you so abundantly.

The rich corporate stockholders competing for world domination do not care about how many people on Earth are starving to death. To them, it just means fewer people to feed. The planned Demic is working flawlessly. Fear-based mind control. These African/Asian people are already starving, they don’t even have water to drink. In Southeastern Europe, especially in Balkan, people have been drinking water with high amounts of arsenic for literally decades! There are too many young people fighting different types of cancer due to it. And I am pretty sure that the situation isn’t much better at many parts of our globe as well.

MEANWHILE BEYOND MEAT IS RISING SKY HIGH IN THE MARKETS! The supply chains need to be improved and shortened. The system doesn’t make any sense anymore. We can feed every single soul on this planet if we want. Greed is the cause of starvation. We can do this: let’s not let people in our community suffer from hunger! It would be disgraceful. We can do better than that. The system needs to be revamped and be made more humane. As long as there are profits to be made, humanity is dead. Well, Bill Gates gets what Bill Gates wants.

And what happens when people are poor and hungry? They get sick. And then they give all their money left (if they have any) to treat those diseases. And once they take everything, like everything from them – they are dead. And they also have to pay for that funeral…

When they say on the TV how countries are now thinking about human lives only, let me tell you one thing. They constantly say – human life has the biggest value, it just cannot be described in anything. Oh, come on… They are pretending it makes me sick. For them, your life, my life – it can be calculated! They value our lives on how much we spend, how much we make them richer, and how much we earn for some country. They look at us as a profit!

And then we have… DEPOPULATION. DEPOPULATION is a necessary step for the global elites who want a totalitarian One World Government. COVID-19 ISN’T THE PROBLEM. PSYCHOPATH governments are – Covid-19 is not the main cause of poverty and hunger which will happen. It is social isolation and shutdowns that are the cause. Humanities’ reaction to Covid-19 will be far more deadly than the virus itself!

Besides that, this crisis was about to happen anyway. They are now just hiding behind the pandemic. They are using it to blame someone else for us being hungry and sick!

Food waste and malnutrition. Empty hotels & Airbnb, Bankrupt landlords, and homeless people… Empty hospital beds and people who’re dying at home. It doesn’t ring very well. Makes you assume it’s happening by design. Some kind of dystopia, Social-Darwinistic – “Hunger games” horror propaganda or whatever. It’s insane, indeed. Don’t tell me it’s difficult to resolve if there is any kind of intention.

So where are the rich? They all hiding with there money. Don’t ever think that Johnson, the UK’s PM got the same intensive care as you or I would.

cxgfdfWhere are all the superstars and athletics who the brainwashed idiots support at every game like they are god? Why don’t they get out and donate food and necessaries to these countries? The world is so screwed and yet half of the people are still asleep thinking all is well…

Do I have any advice? Yes! Stand up for yourself and your family. Create your own heaven down here on the Earth and respect life, nature, and people around you. Help them wake up. Help them save themselves.

Everyone will need to grow a garden. Seriously. Or you can very likely starve. Today these media outlets are the scientists and experts because they filter what the experts say. I am so sick of it… Starting to be mentally tired… But I won’t be that way because that is exactly what they need – hungry, tired, exhausted people, fulfilled with fear, despair, and lost faith…

MATTHEW 6:34 “Don’t worry about tomorrow. It will take care of itself. You have enough to worry about today.”

We won’t be like that, right?

We won’t let them take our world from us. How will you stand up against all this?

Let’s join our strengths!

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