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Which companies are hiring more now?

Although we are these days living in an endless cycle of bad news, there is actually a glance of hope ‘at the end of the tunnel’. If you are thinking about the future and about your life when coronavirus stops, continue reading this article because it may make you think about switching your career for a while.

And while numerous people worldwide have already lost their jobs, these companies have decided to hire:

7-Eleven. More than 20,000 jobs will be added because of increased needs in this convenience store chain. In-store positions and delivery jobs will be most wanted.

Aldi. Approximately 5,000 new positions will be opened in this grocery chain. IT, human resources, and public relations positions will be also offered, but mostly those related to retail stores.

qefrqewAmazon. More than 100,000 workers will be soon ‘added’ to this online retailer. Delivery workers and warehouse positions will be offered the most, and people can expect to get paid $2 per hour. Not so much, but in these times, someone will definitely be happy with that.

CVS. Of course, we have all probably expected to see a drugstore on this list. CVS is searching for 50,000 workers. They claim that the company will provide from $150 to even $500 bonuses to people who work directly with patients.

Dollar General. Supporting the discount chains during the pandemic made Dollar General open 50,000 temporary new positions. If you are ready to work now, you can apply directly to their website.

Domino’s. Love pizza? We all almost forgot those ‘good times’ when we were able to go to lunch somewhere like that and enjoy without worrying about getting infected. Domino’s is the world’s largest pizza chain. They are ready to hire 10,000 new workers. It won’t be only about the delivery and driving, but also about customer service preps.

GE Healthcare. They are thinking about expanding their manufacturing capacities, and we all know how much respirators are being appreciated these days.

Instacart. Filling grocery store orders is what they do. Instacart is ready to hire more than 300,000 full-service shoppers. Sound like something you can do? Hurry up to apply for your position!

Kroger. They are working really fast, and Kroger has already hired approximately 2,000 new employees since coronavirus started. A grocery chain is still ready to hire 10,000 new workers.

Pepsi. New 6,000 people will be hired at Pepsi in the upcoming month as well.

Pizza Hut. Whatever happens, enjoying pizza cannot just stop, right? Their restaurant chains are opening 30,000 new positions. Keep in mind how they all need drivers too.

Walmart. More than 150,000 temporary new positions will be added to this company too. Walmart has made both half-time and full-time job offers, so you are capable to choose what suits you better.

asdfaAlbertsons. The grocery chain that includes Albertsons, Shaw’s, Acme, Randalls, Pavilions, and many others are opening up to 30,000 new job positions!

As you can see from this list, when this all passes, or better said – stops for a bit, the companies will still need workers. Or better said, they will even have more needs to produce faster than before.

Take at least some time to think about these job positions, because you never know.

Maybe something really suits you?

When do you expect that life will go back to normal?

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