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7 of the best places in the world to drink wine

Travelling is an enthralling experience, and it couldn’t get more exciting once you have got to savour some of the world’s classic wine. If you rejoice drinking wine, why not visit places which are famously known for their wine-centric activities? From visiting premier vineyards or wineries to sipping Cabernets or tasting Rieslings, you have got to do so many things once you have finally decided to venture to one such place. 

To incredibly satisfy your wanderlust along with your taste for a good glass of wine, we have put together a list of 7 best places in the world to drink wine.



Italy is famously known for its lip-smacking wine. It has got to offer a variety of wines including the classic dry red wine. Apart from the popularity that Italy has derived over the years, there are some lesser-known yet incredible places it holds. 

There are more than a dozen wineries situated in the beautiful valleys of Trentino-Alto Adige mountain range, and wineries based in this place make some of the best sparkling wine that is worth comparing to Champagne. 

Moreover, the best bottles sometimes don’t even make it to the stateside. All this is to say you must visit Trento to experience and enjoy yourself the exquisite flavours of wine along with the breathtaking scenery of the mountain range. 


With stunning countryside views and spectacular collections of vintage wine, Barossa Valley entices wine lovers from all over the world. From delicate Rieslings to bold Shiraz, the vineyards situated in this valley make some of the premium quality Australian wines.  

An array of wineries in Barossa Valley offers tours and cellar-door tastings to the visitors. For more passionate wine enthusiasts, wineries such as Penfold gives them a chance to mix and make their vintage using three staple wines including Shiraz, Mataro, and Grenache. Do you know what is more exciting than this? You get to take and flaunt your creation back to home. 

Venture off to this place and find for yourself the true spirit of legendary Australian wines.


Bordeaux is a renowned wine-growing region located in southwestern France. It is a vibrant port city and a must-visit destination for those who relish good food and even better wine. From its eye-catching architecture to its dazzling markets, there is so much that can keep you vividly engaged in this panoramic city. 

The variety of cheese that the city offers goes splendidly with the wine. Especially if you are a cheese and wine connoisseur, you will get amazed with all the limitless things that the city holds to offer. 

Moreover, the Bordeaux wine festival that takes place every year in June is an epitome of its kind with wines flowing everywhere. It truly is a paradise for every wine lover.


Austria’s capital Vienna produces a considerable amount of wine alone. Around 1,700 acres of vineyards are located in the suburbs of this city. Most of which are dedicated to white wine varieties including Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling etc. 

As a wine lover, you can wander around the vineyards while tasting wines and delicious food. Furthermore, you would not want to miss out Vienna’s Wine Hiking Day which is hosted annually in autumn whereby you get to hike through on three routes to explore distinctive vineyards and enjoy the view of the countryside. But be aware, Vienna’s scenic beauty is sufficient enough to intoxicate anyone. 


Virginia, a southeastern U.S. state, has no set rules in the field of wine-making and this is one of the captivating reasons why winemakers from all over the world get attracted and want to settle in this city.  

The spirit of experimentation and innovating something new makes it one of the fascinating places which produce world-class wines. With some 300 wineries, almost every year Virginia attracts around 2.2 million visitors in search of some exquisite wines. 

So, someday if you feel like tasting a new variety of wine, remember lots of vintners have already innovated some in the elegant state of Virginia.


Mendoza, a city in Argentina is known as the heart of Argentina’s wine country, and it alone contributes to nearly two-thirds of the country’s total wine production. Mendoza is famously known for its red wine varieties including Malbecs.

The city has a beautiful view with art deco buildings lined across the broad leafy streets and small plazas located in between the city. 

With its love for modern and contemporary art and proficiency to produce some of the exhilarating wines, Mendoza entices both an artistic person as well as a wine lover.


With more than 80 wineries and 100 vineyards, Hawke’s Bay makes the second-largest wine-producing region in the entire New Zealand. It mainly produces red varieties of wine, including Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. 

When here, Trinity Hill, Black Barn, and Mission Estate etc. are some of the must-visit wineries that let you taste some of the remarkable wines. The mesmerizing wines with the perfect blend of richness, fruitiness, and tartness will make you spellbound.   

Additionally, the city is famously known for its beaches, and wineries and this combination sounds more like a boon for any wine enthusiast and if this doesn’t sound tempting, not sure what else will.


With some thorough research and immense efforts, we present to you this list that will vividly help you find a place that best suits your preferences. 

For an incredible experience try venturing off to one (or many) of these places and create some of the fondest memories that you are going to cherish for an eternity. 


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