What are you going to do with the time you have left?

What would be the most important thing in someone’s life? Is that fame? Is that success? What about beauty? Well, the whole world talks about beauty, fame, and success, what could be more important than that, right? Well, there is something important. And no, it is not a thing.

122 It cannot be described. What am I talking about then? I am talking about time. Can you regain the time you have lost on the wrong people? Of course that you can’t. Do you regret it? When you think about it a bit, of course that you do, because you are the time. You are just a clock that is tickling. Do you think that you give as much importance to time as it should have? None of us do it properly, because we always think that we will do something else tomorrow, or maybe even next week, in the next few years etc. But, how much time do we have left? How much life do we have left?

As I have already mentioned, I consider people as clocks which are tickling all the time. What will you do with the time you have left? Are you afraid to think about it? If you are too afraid to think about it, I need to tell you that you will regret it even more later. You will regret that you didn’t react at the right moment. Don’t you know that we humans are programmed in such a way that we just ignore the time? We know that the approximate human’s life lasts for about 70-80 years old, so why would we worry? What is the time actually? It is not some materialistic thing you can touch, right? The time is God. And it measures your precious moments. Precious? Were they all precious? I would like you to think about that.

sdfdsCan’t you just take a few minutes to watch the sky? That is your time. That is you. Do you regret some things you have done and how much time did they take from your life? We all do. But, you can change that. Forget about the past. I don’t like the term ‘past’ because it doesn’t exist, all that exists is now. And that is exactly how you should act. Who are you know? Act like it, change it all, appreciate all that you have and all that you can experience.

Do you fear the criticism? Yes, it is a common thing, but you can easily get some courage if you get the term of the time right. It will literally bring you up to the whole new level of the experience. You are life, you are one with the God, you are everything within this moment. Take a look around yourself and feel the life and its magic. There are many people nowadays that want to commit suicide because of some bizarre reasons. It may be an unpaid water bill, for example. Are you here just to pay the bills? Of course that you aren’t, God has the bigger plan for you.

You just need to listen to him with your intuition. What about your habits? Are you making your life even shorter by the bad habits? Do you smoke your cigarette thinking like you are relaxing at that moment? It eats your time, literally. Get outside the box, and think for yourself. Or even better, feel everything around you. Get in touch with the real world. Watch the birds that fly over the sky. Watch the sunrise and the sunset. These will guide you on the right road.

sdfdfTired of wasting your time? Tired of fake problems?

Worrying too much about something that eats your brain?

Now it is time to change it!

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