We Are Running Out Of Time

Have you ever wondered how much time do you have left to live? Does that thought make you feel uncomfortable or frightened? Or does it make you feel motivated to do all those stuff you have always wanted? What are the achievements you have been dreaming of your whole life? If you take some time to think about this, you will realize where you are in your life. What was your plan, and how much of it you have actually filled out?

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If you are a person who constantly thinks that the worst thing in the world is losing money or even people around you, you will need to reassess your beliefs. The worst thing in your life is not spending your time right. Because trust me, the time is all that we have. When I think about time, I remind myself how time is actually an imaginary thing. And it really is. But, it is not the time that passes, but we. It’s not the river that flows, but water.

Think about that a bit and most of the thoughts you are struggling with in your head will become clearer. Whatever you are going through, always remember that every single moment is precious. We like sadness, we like love even more. But, why do we like sadness? Because it means that we are still here, we are alive, we can feel! You need to know yourself enough to realize your actions and reactions, and also why you are doing them. Once you succeed to know yourself the best, you will be able to endure every single moment of pain that life brought you, or it will bring you.

Life is an unexpected road of ups and downs and you need to cherish every single moment of it. If some tragedy hits you, and believe me I have been through the worst tragedy that psychology classifies it to be, you need to take it as a lesson. Don’t complain all the time! But, express your feeling. The bravest thing a human being can do it so express its feeling, no matter what they are. When you were a little kid, your parents have probably taught you not to cry because tears are some sign of weakness. If you haven’t been raised like that, then lucky you! But, maybe your friends later make you feel that way.

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Once you remembered that tears, kindness and all those special human emotions mean weakness, you forgot who you are. You need to turn to your roots to live your life totally. People who were dying were asked in some psychological experiment what do they pity the most that they haven’t achieved in their lives. They said that they are sad because they haven’t lived like they wanted-they have listened to others and their opinions all the time. These people also claimed how little time they spent sharing their true emotions with others.

Do you want to end like that? I think that no one wants, but yet everyone still doesn’t change anything. Always remember, success is not an accident, it is earned. And what do I mean by success? I mean that you need to nourish your soul and to live your life truly from your soul.

Imagine what will happen if you try for at least a week to live by your intuition? How would people react?

Would they follow your example or would you be called a weirdo?

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