Humanity is lost without God- What have we become?

The recent occurrences around the world have left me wondering where things all went wrong. In everything people do in the name of the so-called modernization, they end up moving further and further away from what God had intended them to be. People are deliberately choosing to do evil! The Bible says, light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

In our society today, people openly do evil without even flinching. The elite and leaders of the society are even at the forefront in supporting the evil ways of men. Instead of using their influence in a way that would advocate for good, they are the ones that have taken up the mantle of evil. They have found a way of making their evil ways look “not as bad as it seems.”

That sad thing is that, even as the elite and leaders of society do evil, many people follow them in their great deception. Take, for example, the people who view celebrities as role models; not that I have anything against celebrities but, as a person tries to emulate these celebrities, they find themselves deeply engrossed in the evils advocated for by the celebrities. They discover that, as they sought to be like that singer they admire, they have taken the baby steps towards growing and maturing in evil and before they knew it, they too have become advocates of evil.

Humanity Lost 1It is alarming how people have become lovers of themselves, evil and money. People are willing to do anything for money, even to the point of devil worship! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the rising number of celebrities who are linked to the Illuminati and devil worship!

We have become so bold in our evil that we openly advocate for abominations that no straight person ought to even consider. Take a look at concepts such as trans-humanism. People believe that humans will evolve to superior beings through science and technology! Computer scientist, author, and chief futurist Raymond Kurzweil is familiar for forecasting the pace of technology. He thinks that the singularity is near. Singularity according to futurists, is when human beings transcend biology and attain the ability to live for eternity. Oh, woe unto those who seek solace in such technologies thinking that they will bring them any salvation from their current state of being. Kurzweil and fellow futurists should realize that it is only God who has the power to give life trough creation. Only God can and should create life.

Take a look at how people are willing to believe in evolution rather than in God’s creation. Humanity did not just happen by chance. Isn’t common knowledge that an intricate design only proves the existence of a creator? In the same way, a fully functioning vehicle points to an intelligent engineer, human life points to an all-powerful God. He created us with a plan to fulfill His purpose. It would be foolish for us now to try playing God with concepts like trans-humanism and even worse, deny His existence. Things never end well when men play God.

Humanity Lost 2Today’s society has become so corrupted by evil that we even openly advocate for sexual immorality in the form of freedoms and rights. Last I checked, people can only be either male or female, genetically speaking. But of late being gay or lesbian is the thing in society. Even our leaders and celebrities do not see the wrong in these practices. In fact, our lawmakers want to acknowledge such unnatural behavior formally through the enactment of laws. Celebrities, on the other hand, are advocating for these vices through the themes in movies, adverts and even in their music.

Themes such as pedophilia, adultery, drug abuse, destruction of the family unit, children being disrespectful to parents, alcoholism, homosexuality, perversion, and excessive materialism; have all found their way into the so-called modern movies and songs. Really? What has the world become? We endorse Gay and call it an alternative lifestyle. We exploit the poor and call it the labor. We reward laziness and call it welfare. Instead of adultery, we call it “affair” We are just re-branding sin and giving it an attractive name to cover up our guilt.

No BaortioAlso, take a look at abortion. The government has legalized abortion. Today, your daughter can easily get an abortion at a public hospital without telling you. All in the name of choice and the rights of a mother, we have murdered many innocent unborn children.

Moreover, our leaders have also been corrupted. Instead of putting the needs of the ordinary citizen at heart, they have put their selfish needs at the forefront. Right now, the corruption menace is great in many countries of the world, including our very own beloved America. People are getting into leadership positions just to protect their interests. In fact, even the judicial systems which were put in place to administer justice are all working against the ordinary citizen. The world has turned into a man-eat-man society, parents killing their children and even spouses murdering each other, all because we lost our bearing of God’s purpose for us human beings.

It is with all earnestness that we at Beautiful People Magazine implore each person reading this article to make it a personal initiative to change. Change begins with you. Let us put an end to this madness. Let us be the change we want to see in society.

Are you going to purpose to be an ambassador of change?

Or are we going to sit back and watch as the world brings destruction upon itself?

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