You are powerful if you choose to be

Do you want to be great? God did not create us to be average, He did not make us in His own image so we can just burn through life and die. We all are walking legacies in the making. We all have greatness within us. We all have a purpose for which we are made.

Take a moment and ask yourself this question: what can provide me true peace, joy, love, and happiness? What came to mind? Is it a college degree, a successful business, an excellent health report from your doctor, a multi-million-dollar home, a great marriage, having beautiful successful kids or a wonderful retirement pension plan? Well, here’s the deal, you can’t find true love, peace, joy and happiness in ANYTHING but God!!

Every other person is in search of love, peace, joy and happiness. And, many truly believe that they can find true happiness, joy, and love by possessing the temporal corruptible possessions of this fallen world. It’s IMPOSSIBLE! God will always be the true fountain of joy, the giver of love and the one who bestows that peace that passes understanding. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” The good book says. This way, you will be complete. Carnal men pursue earthly things to obtain love, peace, joy and happiness. Godly men know that they don’t have to spend a lifetime in search of happiness because they have already found it.

However, sometimes you can be well prepared and still fail. But, in as much as we feel pain from failure, you should remember, a man’s character is not measured by the number of times you fail in life. But you will certainly be judged by the number of times you get up after failure. Life is always a learning process. No pain no gain. Just try to remember the first time you attempted that skill you are great at right now. Be it something like learning how to walk. At one time you were crawling, then with time you had to be supported by your guardian, then you could walk with some distinctive wobble. But with patience and practice, you became perfect. By now am sure you can run and jump! This is just the same in this life. Right now you might be considered a “nobody”, even by your peers. But your condition doesn’t have to be permanent. One of these fine days you’re going to have something and you’re going to be a “somebody”.

greatBut, do you have what it takes to be great? Do you have a clear set of guidelines of what you want to be? Were you at one time on the right path, but somehow stumbled? Somewhere along the way you changed. You lost hope in life and all it has to offer. You let people stick fingers into your face and tell you you’re no good. Well, it is time you got up! You got to get back to basics.

You should try to:

  • Understand your weaknesses: start by understanding those habits and thoughts that tend to cause doubt or worry.

  • Isolate fact from fiction and then quit listening to wrong advice, even from friends. Start focusing on healthy, positive thinking.

  • Let go of the habits that are besetting you. Such habits cannot just be dropped, but by patience and practice, you shall overcome.

  • Motivate Yourself. Self-motivation is important. At all costs, avoid self-doubt. Self-doubt is just a stride away from questions like; “What’s the use?” and sentiments like “I am no good at this.”

  • Above all, avoid negative thinking and take up a positive attitude. Negative thinking is what separates you from your cherished success.

Always keep in mind that whatever you want to do in life, just believe in yourself and you will definitely be able to accomplish it. Learn new things, develop yourself step by step and you will be there. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, work hard and go hard for your dream. If you want it bad enough go out there and fight it. But remember to sometimes rest and rejuvenate. Your body too needs some peace- through rest and taking care of yourself.

To be great, you must be a go-getter. Let no one or nothing bring you down my friend. Take up the mantle and keep on keeping on. Learn from other people’s experiences. Focus on what is good, abhor what is detrimental. Stay away from sorry myths that anybody else will rescue you. No one will. Actually, even professional help is just meant to boost your self-drive. You just have to work. Accept the responsibility for your own personal change. In all these, with God in your prayers and consistency to back you up, greatness is on the horizon. About choosing to be great, Lao Tzu on of the greatest Chinese philosopher said, “The journey to greatness begins with one step.” No matter how small the step is, the important thing is that you are making it in the forward direction. The direction towards your intended greatness.

If you are going to discover the hero in you- be prepared to confront the crisis around you. One of the things that can terminate your destiny is anger and doubt. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

I am sure by now you have realized the fact that, the journey to greatness is never going to be an easy one. It is one beset by challenges all the way! You have to be willing to take the hits in every turn. You must be ready to be ridiculed as one who is guilty of over dreaming. But, believe in God and believe yourself while you’re doing it and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and you will succeed. Believe in yourself and you will be great one day.

So as you embark on that journey of becoming that great person you want to be, ask yourself the following questions.

What makes you think of true love, peace, joy and happiness?

To what extent are you willing to go to attain that power in you that you haven’t already discovered?

Is there more to life than the material wealth we want to possess?

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