The Worship of Men and the Mockery of God

This generation vow to become autonomous from His makers, they are taking God out and going as far as trying to become their own god. One of the greatest lies ever told is that “humans have the capability to become their own god; This lie is creating chaos in this world; We know that when a nation drives God out, it is never neutral; that act leads to bringing other gods in the midst of such nation.

In our generation, we are witnessing a different, but still a very wicked manipulation of God’s creation in laboratories and surgical rooms all around the globe; scientists are trying to change our DNA, as if it is a good thing; Mankind is showing their power and ability to fix and destroy what God had created by choosing their own sex: A transgender body is an inversion and an abomination to the work that God’s hands had created, God created a Male and a Female. 

Mankind is searching to live longer, be stronger and even become wiser by the standard of this world. One vulnerable place to start is in our school system; in order to reach the next generation, they had started to teach our children about the evolution of man, this is the ultimate start of dehumanization.

The end of human history had already been written, what is happening in our world today are not surprises to God, and those that read the word of God and understood what God had revealed are not surprise of it all. In times like this we need to turn back to God, turn the nations of this world back to their makers in hope that we can still receive the promised blessings.

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