The Heart of a True Giver

We often think of a giver as someone who has so many assets that he or she is compelled to donate some of them, but people give every day for different reasons. Some give at the request of an organization, while others donate to receive tax reductions. But some people give with no ulterior motive; they give out of the goodness of their hearts.

Our hearts control our giving. Since the heart is in charge, let’s take a deeper look into the heart of a true giver.

A true giver gives incomparably; his heart leads him to give above all other givers, and he tends to make greater sacrifices and does not let anything undermine his fervent determination to reach the unreachable. A true giver does not expect a reward for his giving. He gives wholeheartedly, and he continues to give when others find reasons to stop.

angelinajolie-01A true giver does not need to know the exact recipient of his giving as long as he knows that his gift goes to a righteous cause. A true giver gives despite his own needs and regardless of his current situation, because according to his view, someone else in the world has greater need.

There are different ways of giving, and a true giver does not have to only give monetary gifts. The world is full of people with different needs. There are some needs that can only be fulfilled by a true giver’s time, words of wisdom, and encouragement.

So many people are dying of loneliness in this world. These people might have all the money that it is necessary for them to live, but a word or a friend is all they deeply need for their survival. As it has been said, where there is a need, there is always a provision. We all have been predestined to be such a provision so that we can be called upon when our fellow men and women are suffering and require the use of one of the many gifts we have been blessed with. We have received freely, so that in turn we may give freely.

We all have the heart of a true giver beating in us, and we should use it in our communities and around the world. It starts with the will and determination of one person to make a world of difference in the lives of many. Let’s be that one person and let the true giver in us come out. Imagine for one second how the world would be if all of us finally decided to be true givers. I have the heart of a true giver, and I am determined to use it for the good of my fellow men and women. Please join me!

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