Walgreens Adopts Policy Allowing Males Who Identify as Females to Use Women’s Restrooms

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When talking about the 21st century, everyone thinks that this is the great time to live in. If you take a look around yourself, it seems like everyone has their rights to do everything they want. You know, you may say that you feel like a dog, and everyone should respect that. Okay, I got too far, but that is exactly where this all is going. Have you heard that one of the biggest nation’s drugstore chain, named Walgreen’s, made a new silly rule? They adopted a horrible policy that allows all the men who identify themselves as women, can use the restroom for women.

sgsfg The same thing goes for women who identify themselves as men. How ridiculous is this? Can you even imagine it? Imagine yourself going to a restroom and seeing around 20 men or 20 women around yourself, but it is just not their place to be there? I can already see someone abusing this rule, besides it being totally sick and not normal. How did this all happen at all? I cannot even imagine how we got to this point. It all started when a man who identifies himself as a woman complained how he couldn’t enter a women’s restroom in California. It made so much mess all around the country, that they decided to make a policy that allows people to use the restroom they want, regardless of their actual gender they got at birth.

Oh, my God, I cannot even imagine how it all goes. But, I know that I will be able to see how it works in practice soon, and if I may say, I am not looking forward to it at all. The Walgreen’s policy became effective on the 21st November in 2017. They called it a ”Transgender Inclusion”. How did they explained their policy at all? Of course, they claimed how they are fighting for everyone’s rights.

sdfd Why aren’t they fighting for medical treatments for those people? Why are we all fighting to accept something that is not normal? Have you ever seen such a creation of God? Of course that you haven’t because this is only what a human’s brain can think of. If you ask me for my honest opinion, these people either did it because they are transgenders themselves or just to earn some extra cash. You know, everyone will say how they have some extra modern believes and how they are very tolerant. They are not tolerant, they are ruining our planet! They are ruining our families! They are ruining our kids! Couldn’t all this energy just be used in a much better way? Why do we waste our energy all the time by fighting the evil?

Can’t this all planet just work together to make a better place for living? Or are they already making it for themselves, lead to some Satan’s plans? I am pretty sure that you can understand what this is all about, and they serve it to us little by little on the plate. Like we won’t see it that way? We see everything, and yes, we will fight back!

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