Scientists Grow Human Eggs to Full Maturity Outside the Womb- Artificial Creation, Lab-Made Humans

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Do you remember all those movies about lab-made humans that we watched in the last decade? Was it just a fantasy or was it a prediction of our future? Can we call this to be the last call for mercy, or can we consider it to actually be the end of our civilization? Call it how you want, but it is definitely some devil’s work. As you know, Satan has always planned to rule this world completely. He captures the souls of all those weak people that do not have enough courage to stand for what is right. How do they get manipulated? He shows them some brilliant future, packed into a gift, that represents achieving all of their dreams easily. How does he have such power?

xcvsxfv As you probably knew, he was one of the strongest angels, but he fell to the will of God and became a devil. His name is Lucifer, and he is trying everything to end our civilization. This beast offers people the eternal life if they complete their actions, and obviously, there is a majority of people that believe in that. By building their ”imaginary promised future”, they are destroying the lives of the others each and every day. Killing to achieve their objectives is nothing new, but sadly, something we are watching happening. Why are humans doing this?

Do they think that they will somehow become eternal and erase God? Do they want to take his place? We all know very well how prophecy can come only from God, and from nobody else. What will happen to all those people who believe in Satan’s promises? Their life becomes a huge lie, and they live with evil, greed, and hate every moment. How did you expect 2018 to look like? Some flying cars? Green planet? Smart people? How about developing the human eggs outside the womb? Yes, that is exactly what our scientists have ”succeeded”! To make an artificial lab-baby! Well, you may think, that is great, we can now make humans like we want them to be. No, it is not great.

adasdYou know that God is the one who creates, and we are now trying to play his role. So, no, we don’t need to create babies anymore together with God’s love, we will do it in the lab! I am so angry about this because it also happened to me in some way. I delivered my baby earlier, and my dear son was in the hospital. They didn’t want to take him to the children hospital before I sign a paper in which I had to say that I agree how it all goes into scientific research. You know what I saw there when I come to see him? I saw babies that weighted around 400 grams. Their eyes weren’t even opened.

You cannot believe how much suffering those little bodies experienced each and every second. They had so many computers around all those babies, that I couldn’t even recognize my own son. He passed away, after being 7 months in the hospital, and the doctors told me that he did great. They told me that he endured so much and that he is a real magic. What was I thinking then? You can just imagine. A mother that lost a son, and they told me it was a great progress for him? Or was it a great progress for their research? It is hard for me to talk about my story, and you can just imagine all those things I’ve seen there. But, why did I share that with you? Because that is what this is all about!

ccb Scientific research… And now, wow, they succeeded! They can make a ”human” being from an ovarian tissue from its early stage, and develop it to the fullest maturity! I am literally disgusted, and I know that you are too. The mankind is trying to erase God and to rule this planet with Lucifer. They will create exactly those kind of people that will serve them. That it is all about, all those scientific research is to make his soldiers. While I was writing this, it made me cry. I cannot believe in what this world turned into.

Everything is corrupted…Do you want to fight against this ‘dark army’?

Are you tired of having no control of your life?

Are you tired of all those people that make your life miserable? We can win, but we need to do it together!

The God is on our side.

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