21 Secrets Airport Really Don’t Want You To Know

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If you are a frequent flyer you have probably realized some of the facts I will talk about here. When you take look around the globe, you can see that the whole world is one huge business and that it does everything to trick you and to get more money from you. Are you tired of that? Do you want someone to trick you again and to get your hard earned money? Or to ruin your day? I don’t think so. Let’s take a look at the secret list of the airports business and staff!

fasdfasd1.Landing slots are actually a huge business.

Did you know that the airports always charge airline fees even for the privilege on certain time and dates on their runaway? You have probably seen that. What is the problem here is that these ”landing slots” always seem to be ”sold” or even traded between the airlines, and especially when we are talking about the early morning arrival slots. It literally costs more than $75 million! When you try to calculate it, you can realize that it is about $3.80 per passenger and all that lasts for the last 9 years.

2.You think that you will be upgraded?

The chances for you to be upgraded in these days are literally impossible. It may happen only if you have a premium paid fare for your seat or if you are a frequent flyer on the airline. If you are trying to get some upgrades for your friends and families, you will need to re-ask yourself. It only benefits the airline employees.

3.Late flights cost more.

They can be also called the last minutes’ flights, as they are well-known under that term. Airplane companies earn so much because of such tickets. Why is that even important, where there is enough space for more people?

fsdf4.Cash exchange rate.

When you take a look around your city, or wherever you live or travel, you will easily realize how horrible these exchange rates are. Why is that so? Many people won’t try to look somewhere else and that is a clear profit for them.

5.It is cheaper to fly on Tuesday or Wednesday.

This may sound great and that airlines are actually doing someone a favor. But, when you take a look at the statistics how many people need to travel mostly on the other days for some business or you name it, you will easily realize that this is only one more trick.

6.The security scanners.

Have you realized that these don’t always work as you would like them to work? You may hear a sound because you have a piercing, but someone with a weapon still may pass this test. So many movies in which the terrorists take over the plane are not an accident.

sfvsdf7.The noise levels.

Did you know that the noise levels are harmful for your heart and that these can make you some heart diseases? Also, such noise levels are a huge problem for people who have issues with sinuses.

8.The air quality.

Have you ever wondered what is the air quality? I will have to surprise you and to tell you that there is no quality, the air is actually toxic.

9.The baggage.

Even on the flights that consider that the baggage is free, sometimes you will have to pay an extra fee. Imagine how much money is that… When you count all the people who pay for it daily.

10.Calling the flight.

Have you realized that the airlines stopped calling the flight? Does it makes you nervous to look at the screen all the time waiting for your trip? Many people would agree.

dfsd11. You lost your luggage.

And now what? If you don’t report it in a very short period of time, you can consider it as forgotten.

12.Baby seats.

Have you seen enough baby seats in an airplane? Have you seen any? Do you know how it makes it for mothers to hold their babies while travelling?

13.Making you want to buy more.

There are literally plenty of seating and also the ”dwelling space” in the retail areas. Can you imagine why? It is designed in that way so people would shop while the employees are in so-called ”golden hour”.

14.The blankets and pillows.

No, you don’t get new and clean ones. They are just refolded and stuffed back. Disgusting?

15.The food.

Did you know that the airline employees would never eat the food served on a plain? Do I need to explain more?

16.The trays.

They are not cleaned as often as you think. You should bring your own sanitizer.


The employees on the airlines have admitted that they are not drunk on the ride, but that they sometimes take a ”small amount of alcohol”.

18.Airplanes are very dirty.

Besides the pillows and blankets, if you knew how dirty the airplanes actually are, you would never again take off your shoes.

19.No announcements.

Have you ever missed a flight because there where no announcements? Have you got your money back?


Before revealing you the truth about the seats in the airplanes, I would like you to know that these have been designed in such purpose to activate your brain to buy something.

21.The seats.

If you didn’t realize, the seats in the airplanes are getting tinier and tinier with time. Why? Because they can add an extra seat in there.

female traveller texting at airport check-in desk

Have you ever thought about these facts?

Now, when you have realized what are the secrets of the airlines, what will you do differently?

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