10 Designers in Africa Who Give Back

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Don’t you just want to see a beautiful world? Do you want to see as many people as possible making it a better place? We want, too. We made you a list of designers with generous heart who are not just making their customers to feel more beautiful and confident, but also making this world a better place by caring for the environment, fighting against pollution, feeding people that don’t have anything to eat, trying their best to educate all those children that don’t have enough money to go to school etc.

What do you think, what would be their philosophy when it comes to their passion? Design? Fashion? Yes, it is, but also the most important thing we miss more in our world-the philanthropy! These wonderful people are giving someone in need something they need, and that is exactly what philanthropy is.

1.Mago’. Zanzibar. The design may be described as African mixed with Italian. The designers in Mago’ are following strict ethical rules when making their clothes. They are fighting against pollution and all those toxic chemicals people nowadays put on their skin through clothes.

gsfgsfg 2.Taibo Bacar. Mozambican. This designer is breaking into the global market in the last days, but the fame didn’t make this man become greedy. Taibo gives a lot of money to charities to help starving children and those that are left.

3.Niku Singh. Kenya. Niku was actually an interior designer, but later he started with fashion and jewelry because he was always oriented to details. He is fighting for women rights, and especially in Africa. He gives his jewelry to them, claiming that it will give them the power to feel confident and strong.

4.Kooroo. Kenya. The founders of Kooroo are Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez. They were producing a small line of some custom-made clothes at first. Their line expanded into a huge business, but their idea stayed the same-taking care for the planet and making everything to be organic! They are real fighters for our environment.

5.Fikkirte Adis. Ethiopia. Her fashion industry is changing the identity of Ethiopia. Fikkirte is a child psychologist. This woman has a lot of love for all the children around the world, and especially for those that are abandoned or ill. She is encouraging them in their hardest moments.

fsdfsdf 6.Ally Rehmtullah. Upanga. This designer has trained in the schools of art to achieve his dream. Now, he is a wealthy designer that is helping other African designers to succeed. He donates them money and teaches them how to become successful in their business.

7.Bridget Awosika. Nigeria. This woman is trying her best to change the identity of Africa. She is fighting to represent African people as they really are. They have generous hearts, but not many possibilities to live as they should. She opened so many charities in her country.

8.Lisa Folawiyo. Nigeria. Lisa was always dreaming about shaping the Nigerian fashion. When she finally succeeded in her plans, she started donating so much money to African schools. She wants those children to be more educated and to have the technology which is a literally elementary thing now around the globe.

9.Bubu Ogisi. Nigeria. Bubu was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Ever since she was a little girl, she realized that the black people don’t have the same rights as the white people. Today, she is a famous fashion designer that has won so many challenges against white people trying to prove that we are all equal. Because we are, great work Bubu Ogisi!

10.Washington Roberts. Nigeria. This is a womenswear label, and now it is located in the New York City. This company earned so much money and it is donating it to all hungry people in their homeland.

sgsfgdAre you tired of looking at all those world’s poverty? What about hunger? As you can see, we can change it! When it comes to fashion, giving back is always in style, don’t you agree?

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