The Dark Side of the Entertainment Industry

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Many young people are aspiring to become famous celebrities in the future. In fact, when we see our famous celebrities, all we see is riches and happiness. And this has inspired many young people to struggle to join the entertainment industry as it seems so promising. However, the opposite is true, this is one place where people are killing themselves as others die in fear and depression. The entertainment industry is not what is seems.

gdgedgr Fear, depression, rape cases lurk just beneath the surface of this shiny, plastic paradise. Trust me, beneath this super-cute genre’s sparkling surface, lies a dark reality. The society has a perpetual expectation of a positive and light-hearted look from celebrities. However, this has been quite had especially for women who have to always put a pretty face and pretend like nothing is going on. How many celebrities commit suicide every day? Do you know why? Sounds unbelievable, right? Amazingly, the whole world gets shocked, albeit temporarily; as is the case always. But after a few days, the world goes back to glossing over depression and mental health that these women go through. In fact, it asks them “Why don’t you smile more?”

To make it even worse, this case are rarely publicized since this is one sector with millions of followers worldwide. Hence, anything that would create bad attention cannot be tolerated. Who is better placed anyway to talk about the entertainment business than the entertainers themselves, those who have experienced first-hand all facets of the business? A certain celebrity once confessed that, “I’d cry in my room and then I had to go down and give this talk in front of so many people with a smile on my face like everything’s ok. Then I had to fly back, and again I’d have to lock myself up in a bathroom and cry because there are just so many people looking at you all the time.”

xvsfgvfsJust to give you a glimpse of what lies in the dark side of the entertainment industry, let’s talk about South Korean K-pop industry. This magnetic blend of Western and Asian sensibilities has been cemented in the world’s consciousness. To many, pop may seem to be no more than aural and visual candy, however, stories of sexual harassment, deaths and a fixation with plastic surgery reveal the dark side of the game. In shiny, superficial universe of saccharine lyrics, tightly choreographed dance moves and technicoloured visuals, image is everything.

The pressure to appear flawless is all-consuming, and for fans as well as actors, South Korea’s booming plastic surgery industry feeds directly into this obsession. Thousands visit Seoul each year for cosmetic surgery, mainly from around Asia, but increasingly from western countries like Australia, where K-pop has a major following. Korea has a vast sex industry, and female K-pop stars have reportedly been forced to quit music after being sexually harassed. While a band’s management will pile on the pressure to get the perfect look, the impossibly high ideals come from fans too. Not only is physical appearance important, supporters expect their idols to behave like model citizens.

adfadsfThe most obsessive fans are known as Sasaeng, or “private fans”. They have been known to install hidden cameras in their idols’ homes and cars, write love letters in menstrual blood and poison rival groups’ drinks. They have also been reported to attacking other fans who have got close to their idols, leaving urine and faeces in stars’ homes and even assaulted the objects of their affection for failing to give them the attention they crave. Another evil aspect of the entertainment world is the occultism. This involves celebrities selling their souls to the devil by defiling their integrity, values and moral codes in order to obtain riches and success. It involves actual ritualistic initiations and obscure secret societies working in the shadows.

Some artists, who have been in contact with that darker side of entertainment, have spoken on the subject in their own words. For example, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson: whose involvement in the Illuminati industry and the cause of his death has been talked about severally. His career was incredibly long and filled with astounding events that require more than just a summary survey. In fact, in his last years, he became increasingly outspoken on shady dealings of the music industry. And it seems the man who was the ultimate Illuminati slave was trying to break free. In June 2002, Michael Jackson, gave an unexpected speech about the dark side of the entertainment business.

sdfdsIn conclusion, these are just but a few of the things that happen in the entertainment industry that we are never told about. Thanks to this article because you are now aware. So before you get excited about your friend, child becoming famous, think through this. It’s not shiny as it looks.

What does all these tell you?

Is there something that can be done so that the evil that lurks in this business can be fully exposed?

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