The stock market down 666 on the 33rd day of the year 2018

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Do you remember Great Recession?

Are you aware how poor people lived in that era? Do you think that it is all behind us now?

Well, actually, I will have to disappoint you, because it seems like some things need to be repeated. Is that how this world works? Who does those things? The biggest news these days are definitely those where Donald Trump declares such strong job rates which are going high to 2.4 million!

dfsfHow is it possible that the stock market goes that high? We can see smash records after records. We can see the nation which is getting its wealth back and it is getting it very fast! What about the small business? It seems like they got their confidence back again too. But, are you aware what down plunges 666 actually means? Do you know that it is the worst point drop since 2016? What about these numbers? Why 666? Is that some kind of a coincidence? Well, who could believe that? Can you imagine it to be some act of God who is trying to warn us? Or has the devil already took its place? Is the devil actually in some elite of our society? I think that you got it all clear who controls the economy.

Do you know enough about the number of the beast?

Revelation 13:18

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Are you sure that you can put your trust in the economy of the US? I think that they aren’t even hiding their real nature. 666? What else can you expect after that? Of course, I need to mention in the case you don’t know, the president himself isn’t in the control of the whole economy. But, it was all how he planned, don’t you think? What was the purpose of it? Actually, what is the purpose of it and what is going to happen? What are the consequences? They wanted to make some major event from which they could earn so much money.

dsafsd Have you seen a 30 second Superbowl commercial? Can you even imagine how much money is made from that one single commercial? You wouldn’t believe what will I tell you now-an incredible $5 million this year! It is the cost of that commercial. But you know what? When you translate that amount of money, you will get some ”coincidence” we have already talked about. What will you get? $166, 666 per second of that commercial! What about bitcoin? Have you realized how hard they are pushing it?

People are blindly following all the trends a TV serves them on the plate. How sad it is. You know, when I take a look around, all of my friends are talking about bitcoins like it is some magical way to become a billionaire. Who can be such a fool? You don’t want to be, right? I am sure that you don’t because you are reading this and informing yourself at the right place. Do you remember George Orwell’s book 1984?

ncncbDo you remember Big Brother from his book?

Are they watching us from their big screens and doing everything to wash our brains?

I would say that we live in the George Orwell book, definitely.

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