The Changing Identity of Men and Feminization

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Have you noticed that men have been changing in a wrong way? When it all started, and can anyone explain what is exactly happening around the globe? Is it possible that there is no good model left? I was shopping a few days ago, and I noticed the new arrivals for men.

231You wouldn’t believe what I’ve seen with my eyes! Or can you? Because men are wearing such girly clothes these days. Modern world? I don’t think so. Okay, while shopping I have seen so many flower prints on men suits, too short shorts, the rompers, and finally the high heels! Can you believe what I’m saying? You probably can, because when you take a look at the actor and the rock singer Jared Leto, you will see him in the high heels!

Why Jared Leto? Why are you doing that? At first, we had those awful rompers, and now we have heels? Does that look feminine to you? Because it obviously looks like that, but it seems that men like it and that are gladly wearing it. Are tampoons going to be next? What about makeup? Will men get their menstrual cycle after that? If you are laughing now, and I can guess that you do, please think about it a little bit more seriously. We had those transgenders that tried to give birth, we had some men that wanted to get pregnant, and the list goes on.

hdfghdWhat are your sons watching on the TV? Do you even know? Do you even believe that such models exist? Can you even imagine how our children try to implement everything they see in the society because they think it is perfectly normal? Well, Jared Leto wears it, he is adored by women, why wouldn’t I? Or is he adored by men? Your son doesn’t think about that, all he thinks is that he wants to be cool. Celebrities are also wearing dresses, skirts (now, we are not talking about Scottish kilts), pink suits with some golden shoes and so on.

Have you noticed that every second man wears ultra skinny jeans? What about leggings? Science is working day and night to succeed in making men pregnant. They are working 24/7 to make men give birth. What is this all about, if it’s not changing the identity of men? Yes, it is exactly that. The complete feminization. Have you heard about the new law in Columbia where three men can get married? Oh, my God, I cannot even imagine how that looks like. Do you want your son to get married to two other guys? I don’t think so. Then react. Be aware what your children are watching on the TV, what are they surfing about on the Internet, be aware with whom your kids hang around…

hfghgAnd the most important thing, do your children have a proper role model? If you think that I am overreacting and that the things won’t go so fast, I will have to inform you that in Columbia, the country where now three men can get married, the legalization of the same gender marriage happened just a year before that rule. So, yes, these abnormal things are happening more and more every single day and they are spreading faster and faster.

Can you imagine our world in the next 50 years? Will we have wifes and husbands? Will we even have proper men and women models?

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