Vulgar Immigration Comments Are ‘Hurtful’ from a President seating in the highest office in the land

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We can hear so many news about Donald Trump each and every day. Do some of those news surprises you? Many of people claim that they are in some way hit by his speeches. Here, we will talk about the president’s Trump reference to Haiti. Also, El Salvador and African nations are included in this offensive, being named by “s***hole countries”. Don’t you think that was a bit racist and also harmful? I cannot even imagine how these people felt when they saw and heard those words. Or can I? We can, of course, and we are well aware what consequences it may bring.


Haiti had so many immigrants which made Donald Trump to made such speech. Although, we all cannot disagree that these words were so strong and disappointing. Harmful, don’t you think? I think that the president is actually not informed well because these places have so many beautiful things to offer.

Does he take care of his own interest? I will let you make a conclusion by yourself, but it won’t be a hard one, trust me. Did you know that a Japanese billionaire bought a painting by Haitian American artist, named Jean-Michel Basquiat? That was the highest price for some Haitian American artist, and it cost $110.5 million! That was literally a record price! But, the thing messed up when everyone realized that the Japanese billionaire who actually bought it, Yosaku Maezawa, realized that he has already bought something from that artist earlier-the untitled self-portrait from 1982, which was painted in Italy! He made that man famous because he was actually a great artist, but he made the president mad too.

asd Now, everyone in Africa feels the anger about it, and they claim that they have been hurt. Who wouldn’t be? I may say that the whole world should be concerned about that because it breaks the rules of Beautiful People worldwide that are trying their best to make this world a better place! They are doing everything in their power through art, sport, education, science etc. to make this world a better place, and suddenly they get hurt? Who is stopping them? Betraying the complete ignorance? Is that what we are going to left to our children? To this wonderful planet? Being a racist? I am pretty sure that you know already that Haiti fights a war with the United States, although they had bilateral relations in the past.

If you didn’t know, but you are able to take a look at the statistics, almost 80% of Haitians approve the leadership of the United States. Wasn’t that enough? Obviously, it wasn’t. Haiti has also experienced occupying from the side of the US from 1913 to even 1934. I am sure that these people are very mad about that. But, it seems like they forgot about it and forgive it all, but what was the response of the president? Terrifying. Did you know that the United State’s policies actually helped with creating those civil wars and many conflicts that actually resulted in moving people to the US?

sfsdfWhen you try to think about it a bit, it doesn’t look like a secret, everyone with a piece of a brain could figure it all out easily. Can you believe that no one was shocked by the Trump comments? Are you? I am pretty sure that you are, because you are reading this, concerned about really important things that hit our planet. The president of the US also said that Nigerian immigrants won’t go back. How is that possible? Did you know a horrible fact that there are more than 15, 000 Haitians who have AIDS, but still have received Visa? What was that all about? Mass destruction? Where it begins, and where it will end, I am sure that no one knows for sure. Besides these problems, we can easily realize that there are more and more Mexicans that are being involved in drug crimes and rape. What is this, an anarchy?

When taking a look at 2017, we can easily see that there have been around 4 million of Hispanics living in the US. The president’s reaction to that was that they need to get out of the country, as soon as possible. Also, when talking about African American, there are 3.5 million of them in 2017 that have been living in the US. Can you imagine the Trump’s response to such fact? I am pretty sure that you can. Are we talking about racism again? If someone is not white, then that person is not welcomed? I think we left that in the 18th century, don’t you agree?

jfjhgfObviously, he thinks different. A man, who became a citizen of the US in 2004, 14 years ago from now, claimed that he is a proud son of the shinning continent of Africa. Also, he said that his roots are in Kenya and that he is not ashamed of anything.

What is going on in the world lately?

Who has set to be our leaders?

What are we doing?

Do we have some courage to stand for ourselves?

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