Are we in the process of building a God?

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The question of immortality has lingered over man’s mind for as long as we have been existence after sinning at Eden. This is mainly because, the whole idea of a person having to undergo death is rather unpleasant to man. Nobody likes it when they lose someone. Even if you were not in good terms, it usually is painful to lose an acquaintance through death. This has therefore motivated many genetic engineering and tech companies to look into the possibility of making man immortal through artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

dfhdgh Many high-end tech companies are in the race to make men “gods.” Such companies including Psychasec and Google. Their efforts are ever increasing with each day seeing major breakthroughs being achieved. One such breakthrough is the concept of trans-humanism. This had laid down a path for other technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality to be used in the bid to make man immortal. The latest technology company to try and venture into the creation of immortal man is Psychasec. This is a company based in the Silicon Valley.

The futuristic technology by this company upon realization will allow people to download their minds including their memories, emotions and how they think onto a device implanted at the back of their necks. The devices, once completely uploaded with an individual’s mind is then used to upload a person’s “consciousness” into synthetic “human bodies” referred to as sleeves. Well, it is easy to think that such a technology can only work in those Sci-Fi films, right? However, as it seems, this is something that might happen in the near future. Many scientists have been tirelessly working in conjunction with major Silicone Valley tech giants to try come up with a cure for death.


For instance, there have been very significant advances in key areas such as DNA cloning and gene therapy. This has formed the basis of other attempts at immortality for men. Men seriously want to be as “gods.” The Psychasec fictitious technology was recently in display at a Netflix Booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held recently in Las Vegas. At the Netflix booth, the lab grown synthetic bodies (sleeves) were seen kept in plastic bags in a lifeless state awaiting for a new consciousness to be uploaded. One of the booth attendants, said, “These are 100 percent genetically home-grown organic sleeves – the sleeve is your body. These are made of skin, tissue, muscle, bone, nervous system, cells, everything that we have to generate ourselves to make our movements.”

Netflix said, “In a future where humans can transfer their minds from body to body, a rebel is brought back to life to solve a twisted, high-stakes murder case.” Those in attendance however found the site human sleeves are rather disturbing. The Psychasec technology comes after similar attempts of creating artificial intelligence robots. These robots dubbed Sophia are highly intelligent with cognitive skills similar to those of human beings. The Sophia robots, simply referred to as humanoid robots, have even been offered citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Can you imagine a robot being a citizen in your country? Well, as it seems, man will stop at nothing short of creating a super intelligent creation of either themselves or artificial intelligence robots.

safsdfWe have stopped trusting in the one true God in heaven and have put our solace in the machines created in our labs. Immortality, once a gift from God, was lost when our forefathers sinned in the garden of Eden. The interesting fact is that as Satan was tempting Eve, he told her that by eating of the fruit she would be as God! Hence, our recent efforts to create an immortal man is an echo of none other than the devil himself. Satan, has inspired man to the extent that men now have the audacity to pursue immortality. Death is a consequence of sin. In fact, all the suffering that is witnessed in the world today is a consequence of sin. God’s original intentions for man was to live and reign forever with Him.

It is very disheartening that men want to play God by the use of technology. In one way or the other, we are ridiculing God by saying we want to live forever yet the cause of death the sin of man. We mock God in the technology we have by trying to make ourselves superhuman by altering our developmental pathway.

What do you think of the human sleeves? Is man using Technology to mock God?

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