Marriage and Sex with Robots: Are we going towards that now?

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Well, we are in the 21st century. Today, everything seems to be moving at a very fast pace. You get new inventions every day. From the artificial intelligence systems to virtual reality. Things that, till recently, were just concepts to be displayed in Si-Fi movies. We are living years in which just when you think you have seen it all, technology and the people in this world just prove you wrong. This time, the world has invented a new way of sinning. I mean, what do you call having sex with a robot. Would you say it is adultery, fornication, or is it incest?

xvfThere is simply no word for it! It all started out with people having relationships with people of the same sex. At first in secret since, back then society really shunned such evil. But sooner than later, the society got used to such habits and found good names for them. Homosexuality became being gay and lesbianism. And then, instead of society condemning such evils, it started embracing them. Those who came out were seen as heroes.

People who were brave enough to stand for what they believed in. Governments around the world started loosening up and have even passed laws to protect homosexuality. Today people can even marry in churches as same-sex couples. Remember, these are churches that profess to love God. Yet they so adamantly encourage this vice. Soon there came the transgender among us. And now brace yourselves for sex robots. People have now created robots that can be aroused sexually and have sex. “Samantha likes to be kissed,” according to Sergi Santos, the creator of the Samantha Sex robots.

Who is Samantha the sex robot?

Samantha is one of the most recent artificial intelligent sex dolls that has been trending on social media. The doll is built to be interactive with men; responding accordingly to voice as well as touch. She is made incorporated with sensors in the face, breasts, hands and with artificial female genitalia. The creator claims that Samantha would require subtler approach when it comes to engaging in coitus. According to Sergi, the amorous android sex doll has proven to be quite erotic to the extent that men have already started developing feelings for her! Furthermore, Samantha can discuss science, philosophy and animals. Sergi says that Samantha has an exquisite sense of humour with several jokes in her repertoire.

dgdhfgSamantha Gaining publicity?

In September 2017, Samantha the sex robot made an appearance on live TV taking a seat on the popular “This Morning Couch” with Holly and Phil with her owner and lover Aaran. Aaran, when asked if falling in love with a sex robot is just the same as falling in love and being a relationship with a machine such as a car with an android system he said, “I don’t think so. Humans love human form, so obviously I think she’s very beautiful. Would you agree she’s very beautiful?” Well, in our world today, people have become free to do anything that they think is right, so long as it does not bring harm to their neighbors. We have become so liberal that a fully grown man can be bold enough to go on live TV to confess that he loves a robot. How preposterous!

One can only be left wondering what is next. Will we start seeing people coming to church with sex robots? And how long till we start hearing that people who are in love with robots have their rights too. After all, our laws do not forbid us to love. We can love whoever or whatever we chose to? It is clear that this is the work of the devil himself. If there is anything that the devil has worked so hard to break down and do away with completely is the institution of marriage.

xgdfgSatan, the great accuser of man, has perfected the art of counterfeit. From counterfeit religion, faith and now marriage. Woe unto us men, for we have willingly allowed ourselves to be partisan to the evil ways of Satan. It will not be long until governments around the world start passing bills to protect the rights of those in love and willing to marry robots. Satan’s own created counterfeit churches will also be “willing to embrace change” by allowing marriage to robots to take place within their precincts. We have indeed strayed far from God’s way. We are treading on dangerous grounds.

Would you fall in love with a robot?

Do you support marriage to or sexual relationships with robots?

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