Amazon Go: A step closer to the Mark of the Beast!

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Technology seems to be developing at a very fast pace nowadays. Every tech giant is rolling out a new product in a bid to gain more subscribers. And now, after months of running a series of tests and preparations, Jeff Bezos’s Amazon has rolled out its brick and mortar grocery store, the Amazon Go service.

dsfdgfWhat is Amazon Go?

Amazon go is a futuristic store in which shoppers can just walk in and walk out with whatever they want without having to deal with cashiers. This store has opened its doors in Seattle. Amazon Go will offer a check-out less shopping experience that has never been tried out by any other organization before. The store’s functionality basically revolves around the Amazon Go app. The Amazon go app is a free to download application that is available for both android and iOS. Upon entering the Amazon Go store, you scan the app at one of the entrance’s gates. You then proceed to the shelf with the desired items, grab whatever you want to buy and place it your bag. The application automatically bills your items up.

To keep track of the items bought by a particular customer, the Amazon Go store makes use of the “walk out” technology which in turn uses computer vision. This is a system composed of computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning to keep track of the items picked by a specific person. The system also incorporates several sensors in the shelves that help detect the exact item that has been picked and added back. The cameras placed strategically around the store are able to scan the dotted-code on the item’s label and then credit the price to your account. Hence, every time a customer picks up an item, the item is also added to the shopping cart in their online account. If, by any chance, the customer returns the item back to the shelf, Amazon Go removes it from their virtual basket. Apart from the brief description of the system of cameras and sensors, the Amazon team has not a given a detailed description of any other technical aspects of its system at the Amazon Go stores.

sfgewrgWhat can you buy at the Amazon Go?

About the goods and services that are available at the Amazon Go, Amazon said, “We offer delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options made fresh every day by our on-site chefs and favorite local kitchens and bakeries. Our selection of grocery essentials ranges from staples like bread and milk to artisan cheeses and locally made chocolates.” “You’ll find well-known brands we love, plus special finds we’re excited to introduce to customers. For a quick home-cooked dinner, pick up one of our chef-designed Amazon Meal Kits, with all the ingredients you need to make a meal for two in about 30 minutes.”

Is Amazon Go a Bad or a Good Idea?

Well, the description of the Amazon Go service seems to make one think that this is a great idea, right? But, let us fast-forward and think. Let us ponder on the moment when the mark of the beast will be enacted. And, by then, most of the stores around will have adopted systems similar to the Amazon Go service. Do you think people without the mark of the beast will be able to access these shops? Definitely not! With such systems in place, the store cameras would be able to identify the individuals that are without the mark of the beast. The system could also be linked to the police department of the local area. Whenever individuals without the mark of the beast are identified, a silent alarm can easily be sent to the police.

fsdfThe building could also be set to automatically go on lock-down to prevent the exit of people without the mark of the beast. Hence, even as people get psyched up to enjoy such a service. Let the people with a steadfast faith be vigilant. By signing up to the Amazon go platform, you might just have signed up for the system that will lead to your arrest. Ultimately, it would seem that most of the recent technologies and events around the world point towards the soon enactment of the beast system. However, as Christians we should know the signs and when the time comes, be not afraid.

Are you happy with the Amazon Go service?

What do you think of the relationship of the service with the Mark of the beast?

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