21 Brands and organizations that actually care about people and our planet Earth

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It may seem that we live in the calmest times of our existence, but if you take a deeper look at how things actually work around the globe, you may realize that it is not what it seems at the first sight. Although, and hopefully, there are still many people that want to make this world a better place. We created a list of 21 brands and organizations that help this world to see some positive changes!

1. Patagonia. The US. Outdoor clothing and gear. This brand started as a small company that created climbing gear only. Nowadays, they took a great responsibility to create great products but not to cause any unnecessary harm to our environment.

sgfgf2. Cotopaxi. Ekvador. Fitness clothing and equipment. Their products are made with a purpose to ease poverty all around the globe.

3. Clif & Bar Company. The US, California. Food production. These people are making the best food but also the healthiest food. They are trying to make this planet more healthy.

4. Columbia Sportswear Company. The US. Sportswear. This brand makes high-quality clothes but from responsibly sourced materials, like recycled polyester.

5. The North Face. The US. Jacket production. This company reduced chemicals, water, and energy waste, trying to make people aware of the climate changes.

6. Too Faced. The US. Makeup. Too Faced got tired of all those makeup brands that test their products on animals. They have cruelty free products encouraging people to be kind to our environment and to save our ecosystem.

7. Catrice. England. Makeup. Catrice is making cruelty free products like Too Faced, but they also create such products that don’t cause any allergic reactions.

osprey8. Osprey. The US. Bags and backpacks. They are creating outdoor equipment for all those people who love adventures. But, that is not why Osprey is well-known, but because they make their bags and backpacks with recycled and recyclable packages.

9. New Balance. The US. Sneakers. We all know how sneaker industry always uses harsh chemicals which are very harmful to our environment. But not New Balance, they are not making any harm to the Earth. They are encouraging people to live healthier, but they are also trying to make the world itself a healthier place.

10. Cargo. Canada. Makeup and beauty products. Cargo doesn’t test their products on animals and they don’t have any harmful ingredients. They use natural oils instead.

11. Sierra Club. The US, California. Environmental organization. This is the oldest environmental organization in the whole existence. They are the most powerful organization that cleans air and water, fights for our woods, and prevents other issues.

sgh12. National Audubon Society. The US. Fighters for natural ecosystem. This organization helps endangered species and it is trying to ”reset” our ecosystem.

13. World Wildlife Fund. Switzerland. Wildlife defense organization. They can be recognized easily by their panda logo. This organization fights for the endangered species and rare animals and plants that are about to extinct.

14. Earth First! Worldwide. Biocentric movement. This is actually not even an organization. They don’t have members, but they welcome everyone. Earth First are encouraging and informing people around the globe how to act properly to save our planet.

15. Greenpeace. Alaska. Activists. Greenpeace helped to stop nuclear testing and whaling. They are fighting against the biggest disasters that can hit our planet.

zsgv16. National Wildlife Federation. The US. Fighting for animal rights. They are successfully fighting against those organizations that take animals to work for them (like a circus, for example).

17. Natural Resources Defense Council. The US. Protecting the wildlife. These powerful people with generous hearts are protecting the wildlife and the wild areas creating our world the proper ecosystem.

18. 1% For The Planet. International. Activists. When someone shops anything organic, they are donating $1 to our planet. The activists are trying to make the best of it, fighting with most terrible issues our home experiences.

19. Co-Op America. The US. Economic activists. The green organization is empowering consumers to make the planet suitable for the future generations. They are warning people about the consume fuels.

20. Rainforest Action Network. Japan. Activists. They are making marketing campaigns to help people to understand the importance of the rainforests that we are destroying for decades.

sdgfsdgf21.Heal The Bay. The US, California. Research and advocacy organization. This powerful organization is fighting for the marine sustainability and ocean conservation.Have you ever thought what is the mission of Beautiful People Magazine? We are trying our best, and we know that we will succeed, to make this world a better place and to stop the global suffering.

We will tell you the same stories as many times as needed, for as long as it needs to be accepted by you. And you know why? Because we don’t want anyone on this planet to go to bed hungry, ever again! Besides that, we are also well-aware that somewhere in your mind or in your heart, there is a place for the courage to fight and make this world a better place!

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