12 Things to Stop Doing in Your 20’s

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At the age of twenty, many people start to think about realigning their lives. When people reach their 20th birthday, they start to think of things that they haven’t done before and go to places they have never been to. And to fulfill such things, there are some things that need to change as well. Below are some of the things that needs to change. These are things that you need to stop doing when you reach 20’s. if you want something different and something better, these are some tips.

cvbcgnThere are always going to be people who will drain out all the positive energy out from you. Who are these people? These are people who do not have a space for you in their lives. You do not have to beg for them to stay nor beg that they save up a place in their lives. If they want you, they will always leave a space for you. So, walk away from them. People tend to run away from problems instead of facing them most especially the young ones.

As you step into your 20’s, avoid running away from your problems and start facing them. It will not be easy but there are things we learn only when we face our problems. When we keep running away, they will only keep running after us. Another thing you need to stop doing is lying to one’s self . Ling to yourself will not improve your situation. It may hide things that you don’t like to admit but it will haunt you forever. In your 20’s, do yourself a favor and be honest about yourself. You are the most important person in your life. Do not lose yourself while trying to put other above your own self.

xcvxfg It does not mean that you cease to be kind and you stop serving others. It just means that you also need to be kind to yourself most especially when it comes to your needs. The world has evolved into a world of plastics and stereotypes. It is a struggle to keep your own identity. People tend to try to be like someone, to be better than someone, to be that someone so that they can please everyone else. But the best identity you can wear on yourself is your own identity. Stop trying to be who you can never be. Mistakes and failures are part of life. We need to stop being afraid of mistakes.

We learn by the things we make and not make. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Otherwise, you will cease to take risk. And when you cease to take risk, you also cease to explore, cease to learn and cease to live at all. Mistakes happen and when they happen, they become part of life and part of the past. But, it does not mean that you need to live with that past. The past is past, they say. The past has passed. You do not have to carry it along onto the present by constantly blaming yourself about what has happened. Things happen, be forgiving, most especially with yourself. So stop living in the past.

sdfdfgdgj Things sometimes do not go according to plan. It is not reason enough not to be thankful for the other things that have gone according to plan. Stop focusing on what ended poorly or results that are unpleasant and start to appreciate those that are good and pleasing. Your happiness does not depend on others. Do not waste your life seeking happiness from others.

Find stability and happiness first from within. When you spend your life chasing for happiness from others, you will spend the rest of your life unsatisfied and always thirsty and longing for others’ supplication. Life is too short to waste on that. Make it a point that every day becomes productive. Quit wasting your time thinking and overthinking about things that can be and that cannot be. You will only end up creating more problems. Start to take an action to be decisive and do things actively. All it takes is an initial step. Instead of thinking about what you do not want to happen, think about what you want to happen instead and start taking steps to make it happen. Remember that everything starts in the mind.

Your life will always go where your mind leads it to. Life is not about competing. It’s not about who is better and who wins. It’s not about who has better jobs and who has better possessions. Live your life the way you should be living it and not based on what others have.

sgwseLife is not a contest. They say life starts at 40. But life starts where you choose to start it from.

How do you want to live your life?

What kind of life would you want to have at 20?

When you reach the end of your life, how do you to see your life when you look back?

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