21 Women Who Have Changed Technology

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When thinking about technology, most of people will have some idea of famous computer scientists who made this all possible. But, the story isn’t that short, and obviously, technology was developing for decades. That is exactly why we have made you a list of 21 women who have changed technology in various ways!

dafds1.Betty Holberton. When talking about Betty, it is a must to say that this woman was a part of the so-called group ”The Eniac Girls”. There were six of them, and the Betty was the one who was responsible for creating the first general-purpose electronic digital computer.

2.Erna Schneider Hoover. Remember the last time you have called a business and went straight to a representative? You can thank Erna for that. She has literally revolutionalized modern communications.

3.Karen Sparck Jones. Karen was the first person that made it possible to communicate with words on the computer, rather by codes or equations.

4.Judy Malloy. She is a self-taught programmer that programmed and written the first hypertext novel ever. The name of the novel is Uncle Roger.

5.Radia Perlman. Radia hates to be called ”The mother of the Internet”, but that is exactly what she is. Many people are convinced how only men are responsible for creating the Internet, but there were many women in the process, and the Radia was the one that created a spanning tree protocol, known as STP.

6.Evelyn Boyd Granville. She had some difficulties in her career because she is an African-American woman. Although, that didn’t stop Evelyn to create the best programs that were used for trajectory analysis in Apollo and Mercury Project.

7.Hedy Lamarr. Hedy was a movie star and no one expected for her to be in a technology’s area. Yet, she invented the spread spectrum technology, which created amazing and unbreakable code that was used for preventing the messages that could be harmful.

8.Sophie Wilson. She knew about sexism that exists in the tech’s industry, but that didn’t stop her to achieve her goals. Sophie created the ARM computer processor, which is today a part of the most smartphones.

asdfdsf9.Carla Meninsky. When you think about gamers, you probably imagine male teenagers having fun. But, that is not the truth at all. Women are the ones who are playing computer games even more. Carla was a game designer in the 1980s for console Atari 2600.

10.Kimberly Bryant. Kimberly is a fighter for women rights. She recognized how a little number of women were being raised at work just because of their gender, and that was especially true for black women. She succeeded in her battle for equality and worked on the Kathy Kleiman’s mission which was only reserved for men.

11.Susan Kare. Susan was a leader at the Apple’s team when they were redesigning the MAC in the late 1980s. Later, she continued her career by designing the graphics for Facebook and Paypal.

12.Grace Hopper. She invented the COBOL, the first programming language used in the government and for business. Grace was a US Navy officer.

13.Marrisa Mayer. She was a first Google’s engineer and she worked on Google Books and Maps, Google Images and Gmail.

14.Anita Borg. Let’s talk about hackers! Anita was known as a nerd woman, but also a hero. She was a founder of the Institute for Women and Technology. Anita was also a computer scientist.

azdfa15.Angela Byron. Ever since she became interested in tech’s world, she was encouraging women to become a part of her open source community. She was a software developer.

16.Mary Lou Jepsen. She was a founder of non-profit organizations such as One Laptop Per Child (open source) and CTO. She provided children laptops for only $100.

17.Janie Tsao. Janie cofounded Linksys from the garage with her husband. She was a programmer that made Linksys to become later the leader in Wi-Fi networks.

18.Joanna Hoffman. She was the original member of the MAC’s team. She was remembered for shaping MAC computers.

19.Ada Lovelace. This list wouldn’t be completed fully without Ada. She was a first computer programmer, but in times where computers didn’t even exist! How is that possible? She made the first algorithm in 1843 that is still used in nowadays programming.

20.Lisa Bettany. We will talk about today’s computer and mobile application that makes life easier and funnier. Lisa invented iTunes and Camera+. She earned over $2 million dollars with her inventions.

zdf21.Amanda Wixted. All those games many people like, like Farmville, Pac-Man and others, it was Amanda who created them. She enjoys developing interesting apps that make our lives more interesting. The technology is rising each day. It seems like the whole future depends on the tech’s industry.

What do you think, how will our children understand technology when they grow up?

Will they be even smarter and more imaginative because they grow up with it, or will they be out of ideas?

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