The Audacity of the Atheist

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Everybody has a liberty of consciousness. A freedom to believe in what you want to believe. This is a fundamental right for every human being. In matters of theism and atheism, you are at liberty to choose what to believe. However, before you choose to believe in the nonexistence of God, take a look at the facts at hand. Let us try to answer the question of Gods existence. The question of God’s existence is a fundamental question that gives rise to other questions, like: Where does he live? Where did he come from? Is he a man? Does he have feelings like that of men?

afdWhenever this question comes up, I always think of the Biblical doubting Thomas. He refused to believe that Jesus had risen again unless he touches him. This is one of the analogies that people use today to answer the people asking this question. One thing worth noting is the fact that most atheists were once devout Christians. They were once people who had a firm belief in God. But, somewhere along the way, they lost faith and progressively became non-believers. They now want physical proof of God’s existence. They want something they can lay their hands on and say, “Indeed God exists.”

However, one thing remains true; it takes a lot of faith to believe in the existence of a God who you have never seen or heard from, however, it takes, even more, faith to believe that God does not exist. I mean, you really need a lot of faith to believe that all the exquisite and intricate organs and organisms in nature all came about as a matter of chance. I would use the analogy of a watch. A simple analog watch whose parts are made of iron works with mechanical precision to tell us the time. If somebody told you one day that his/her watch was discovered in an excavation in the interior of the earth and that from “extensive research,” it has been found that its pieces came together all as a matter of time and chance.

The crude iron in the rocks evolved by chance and over a long period of time into cog wheels and hands, would you believe that? Would you believe that the piece came together and due to forces of nature, a fully functional watch came about? Well, am sure you would laugh off such an idea! But yet, how can you believe that all nature evolved and came about as a matter of time and chance. Survival of the fittest. Take look at nature. Take a walk into a natural rainforest and behold the wonders therein. The way in which living organisms form an intricate system of interdependence without any program as one would be needed for computerized systems.

asd I believe this is evidence enough of God’s existence. I am also sure atheists know science. They know most of the principles of nature and the organisms in the body. Therefore, am sure that they know the functions of the DNA. It dictates virtually everything in the body of any given organism. Do you really think it also came about as a matter of mere chance? With this in mind, how is the big bang logical? Can anything spread out of nothing without a creator? Well, it is clear, all things point to some kind of intricate design, not by chance but by an intelligent designer. By none other than God Himself. Given our current understanding of the matter, it is much more logical to assume there was a direction in creating the obvious order of the universe; a direction in the intricate programming of our genetic code.

Everything we observe in nature suggests order comes from an intelligent source. Whenever we discover a few large rocks stacked on top each other and even stone hinges, we assume intelligence as it would be unreasonable to suggest otherwise. Why is life any different? The accidental formation of the Stone Hinges is infinitely more likely to occur.” Also, take a look at yourself. If you fail to see the work of God in nature, I am sure you can see His work in you. Do not be discouraged by the suffering and pestilence in the world today. Let not your heart be filled with unbelief because of the war, sickness and all the pestilences that exist in our world as we know it.

First, human beings are all born with this instinctive comprehension of what is right and what is wrong. Even a toddler somehow understands that if they get naughty they are going against their parent’s wishes. This knowledge of right and wrong comes from God. Second, is the desire for love. This is an inborn desire by all humans. It is also one of the Gifts from God. These are just but two of the feelings that should testify the existence of God in nature. Also, the universe in governed by natural laws: laws such as the law of gravity. Ever wondered who made these laws and for what purpose? In addition to that, people from all walks of life that is, color, race, culture, men, and women have always testified of a personal encounter with God that is extraordinary. So what are we supposed to deduce from these exceptional accounts of divine restoration, foretold revelations and much more inexplicable phenomena? If you take a look at the world’s collection of Holy books, has not God revealed to us that He truly exists?

Consider the life of Jesus Christ who took the form of a man but was God himself. When was the last time you witnessed a mere human being resurrect from the dead and ascend to heaven, calm the storm, walk on water or even command evil spirits and they obey? Think of the influence he had on this world from the time he was born up to the time he died. Many souls were healed and it molded this world’s account. No ordinary man was capable of doing so. The challenge is that many people who claim to be atheists don’t care the logic and evidence when it comes to God. The bitter truth is that deep down, most of them believe in God but they refuse to admit it since they don’t want God to exist whom they will accountable to.

sadfThey withhold the truth in their unrighteousness since probably they love sinning and don’t want anyone controlling them. Therefore, even as many atheists keep asking, “Where did God come from?” the answer always remains simple. He isn’t a created being, we cannot fathom Him in our feeble minds. But some things are clear about God. Our God is one of order. He is the one who put the seasons, time and movement in order. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. He created all things, He is the author and finisher of our faith. I cannot ascertain the existence of God neither can you prove His inexistence. You only trust what you read from books. As God’s perfect creations, we believe that He exists and He will always have the last say on everything. Unawareness, perception or disappointments may have played a role in the atheists’ unbelief, but is there something more?

What is the essence of life, does it really matter?

Do the atheists let disappointments in life blind us from the bigger picture?

Why is there suffering in the world?


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