11 Sexual Dangerous Diseases You Need To Prevent

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Are you truly aware of the consequences of the sexual diseases? Do you know how they are transmitted and how can you protect yourself? The most common factors that may put you at risk to get a sexual disease is to have a lot of different partners and to practice unsafe sex. Of course, it isn’t a must, because there are many patients that only had one partner, but obviously, that partner had numerous others.

afc I will now guide you through 11 most dangerous sexual diseases.


Definitely deserves the 1st place. HIV is actually an infection. It breaks down your immune system and that is when you get AIDS. It is a deadly disease because there is no cure. People still believe that they can survive AIDS. That may be the truth, but for how long and with what quality of life?

2.Hepatitis B.

Hepatitis B is the virus that causes liver damages. You can get hepatitis B through sex or even by sharing your personal hygiene items, for example, toothbrushes or razors.


It is a bacterial infection. Syphilis can be actually successfully treated, but only when discovered. People may not have symptoms for ages, and it can lead to infertility problems later in life. Still, syphilis makes little wounds around your genitals and on the other parts of the body, so it is not so hard to see it.


Gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted disease and it is a bacteria. It doesn’t have symptoms, most of the times, so if you are worried that you may have it, check yourself, because it can be treated easily.


Also, a very common STD caused by bacteria. Same as gonorrhea, it doesn’t show symptoms in most cases, but it is important to test yourself frequently if you think that you may have it. It is easily treated, but it can cause infertility problems if it’s not diagnosed at the right time.


Herpes can infect your mouth or genitals. It will show up once your immune system is weak. Once you get it, you cannot get read of it, ever. It stays in your body for your whole life. So, there is no cure for herpes.

7.HPV or Human Papillomavirus.

Every 3 out of 5 sexual active persons have HPV. Can you imagine how much this disease spread all over the globe? People are not so aware of it. It can be transmitted through sex and even through safe one. HPV is the 1st cause that leads to cervical carcinoma and throat carcinoma in men.

8.Genital Warts.

When talking about HPV, we need to mention genital warts too. These are growths that spread on genital area and around the anus. They are caused by HPV virus. They need to be treated because they can cause problems in pregnancy. Genital warts are actually low-risk HPV types.


Scabies are parasites that cause itching. They are usually so tiny that you cannot see them. They can be cured, but sometimes it takes so much time for treatment to start working. They can be transmitted even through the skin to skin contact.


Also known as Trich, the first cause of vaginitis. It is very common within people who practice unprotected sex. It can be treated, but only until it becomes chronical.

vngf11.Public Lice.

Also known as crabs, these small parasites will make you scream and want to get out from your own skin. Once you get pubic lice, they get attached to your genitals area and the skin around it. They can be treated, but it is very hard to diagnose them. All in all, I hope that you are aware how much danger lays in unprotected sex. Although, we have mentioned that many of these diseases can be even transmitted just by skin to skin contact.

What should people do? They should be aware who are they making out with.

What about teenagers and future kids?

Are they well aware of the danger?

Is this why we have more and more complicated pregnancies nowadays like never before?

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