Posted on January 19, 2018, 7:39 pm
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There has been a lot of speculation on who or what the beast system is likely to be. The Bible clearly foretells through God’s prophets that; in the days of the end a beast system would be set up. Hence, the question: What is the beast and the mark of the beast? It is true that we are living in the days of the end. With all the natural calamities being experienced; we are surely in the last days.

A quick look at Mathew 24 confirms the events that lead to the much dreaded end of time. The latest technologies too are pointing towards something extraordinary. What if technology is indeed the prophesied mark of the beast? The Bible states that the mark of the Beast would be on the hand or on the forehead of those who accept to bow down or swear allegiance to the beast and the beast system. Those without the mark of the beast, according to prophesy, would not be able to buy or sell. The latest technology that is arousing controversy is the development of highly sophisticated artificial intelligence systems. These are systems that have even challenged human beings with their cognitive skills and ability to handle multiple tasks. One of the most sophisticated AI robots ever is christened Sophia.

Sophia is a humanoid robot which is quite sociable. It is based on an AI system developed by a Hong-Kong based tech company Hanson Robotics. Sophia, meaning wise, even became a citizen a citizen of Saudi Arabia in October 2017. Can you imagine a robot becoming a citizen of any country? Artificial intelligence is a physical form that could easily be an open vessel for Satan and his legion of demons to inhabit. Furthermore, what if the AI is the Beast system? That is very possible, and perhaps even true. An AI system of sufficient power could write code for itself at an exponential rate, and seize control of all web-enabled technologies such as banking, manufacturing, fuel processing, farming, military systems, shipping, pharmaceutical development and more. AI might even develop a human interface which will be championing for the supremacy of the beast. The creation of an AI “beast” could enable the false prophet to instantly identify demographic groups of interest and locate individuals at that same instant. It can then send orders to arrest, provide identification information, location data, close financial channels and maybe even disable our now electronic vehicles.

afadfsAn AI beast system could even disable a suspect’s communication channels and help identify the most likely contacts and escape routes to “safe places” or bugout locations. Hiding would be extremely difficult. Buying and selling would be next to impossible. However, Sophia” is child’s play compared to the humanoid robots that are out there. Sophia is just what they are rolling out the general population. There are even more advanced “Sophia’s” out there which we have no knowledge of their capabilities and level of intelligence. And if Sophia was offered citizenship, then, these advanced “Sophia’s” have long been granted citizenship. Take a moment to think of the celebrities and TV personalities caught having weird meltdowns. It would seem that the wizard’s curtain is being pulled back more and more.

My advice: Hold fast to what is organic and real in your life, cherish your loved ones. Resist what is coming. Resist the mark of the beast at all costs. Revelations 13 says, “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” A lot of thoughts have been running through my head since hearing about this Sophia robot. I do think we are seeing Revelation 13 coming to fulfillment. However, even if these sophisticated AI robots are not the beast, they would certainly aid the operations of the beast. They would make the life of those without the mark of the beast difficult.

sgsfThe sad thing is that most of us will not even realize that they have received the mark of the beast. Most will be deceived into receiving the mark. Some might think that the AI robots are here to make the life of man easier. However, apart from driving people from jobs, they would definitely make your life a living hell should you fail to receive the mark of the beast. Let us beware. Let us pray to God to give us the will power to distinguish right from wrong.

Choose wisely which side you are on.

Which side are you? Will you choose God?

Is the technology the prophesied mark of the Beast?

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