21 Things Fashion Retailers DON’T Want You To Know

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What are your behaviors while shopping? Do you ever think about the things you are buying? Do you check the material and quality, or do you just grab and buy whatever you like? Have you ever thought about the real cost of clothes, for example? Who is making it? How is it made? Does it pass all the standard procedures that it should pass? We will discover you the secrets fashion retailers really don’t want you to know, but we do!

safdfg1.The real price. As I have said, maybe you don’t check enough the quality of the clothes or even shoes that you are buying. Did you know that someone who made these products is overworked and underpaid? It is also not hard to get to a conclusion that most of these clothes are actually made in Asia. Fashion models are becoming younger and younger, and they are working for cheap prices. That fits fashion industry because these models have a better body.

2.All those chemicals. Have you ever wondered how many chemicals are on your t-shirt? You thought it was clean, right? Well, I have to disappoint you with a fact that fashion manufacturers use different kinds of chemicals in every single step while making clothes. These chemicals can cause allergies and respiratory issues.

3.Working for big brands for nothing. There are a lot of competitors nowadays that want to become designers and work for famous fashion brands. They have some idea which they think can get the big results. But, the reality shows that such designers end up working for these companies and sometimes, they aren’t even paid. They expect them to appreciate the fact that they are a part of a big brand.

4.Sizes. Standards for sizes are getting smaller and smaller. If you take a look at the statistics, most women in America, about 70% or even more, wear size 14. Most brands don’t carry these sizes and they put a pressure on women how they should look like and that there is something wrong with their bodies.

afadf5.Thriving you on spending money. The perfumes, the music, and all those sparkly stuff that are situated right in front of your eyes. Fashion industry knows the psychology, so they will try everything to make you buy more, even if you just came to see what’s new.

6.The micro sensors. Did you know that fashion industry uses 52 micro sensors to make you buy new clothes? They will make new trends every single week and in that case, they will try to get you into fast shopping.

7.New trends. Similar to the previous fact, they will play with your mind indirectly telling you that you are an outsider by making a new headline every single week.

8.Faulty designs. These designs are made with a purpose. Of course, they want your clothes to have an ”expiration date”. No matter how you take care of it, it will fall apart.

9.Child labor. Can you imagine that clothes you wear are actually traced back to child labor? Child labors mostly happen in the cotton sector. Isn’t that frightening? 10.Pointed toes shoes. Can you find a correlation between such type of shoes and metatarsals and neuroma? Scientist found it. The nerve between the bones of the toes can be enlargement because of the harmful shoes. Think about it.

gfsg11.”Discounts”. If you think that you will save this way, you will need to think again. As I have said, many designers already have connections with big brands. They can make the labels which don’t suit some clothes. You will think that you can save tons of money by buying that way, but you won’t buy what you think you are buying.

12.Price tags. Have you ever been confused with all those numbers written on a price tag? Yes, we all were. They will scribble numbers, or put some letters on price tags to make you confused about the price. Once you are on the cash register, you won’t return it, right?

13.Shop layouts. Have you realized that shops arrange the clothes by color, and not by category? In that case, it will try to grab your attention and to drag you deeper into the store.

14.Shipping minimums. These minimums are designed because it was proven that people would spend more money if they see shipping minimums or even free shipping. If you don’t need to pay for shipping, why wouldn’t you buy two t-shirts?

15.Buy-one-get-one. That sounds amazing. You will get something for free? Actually, it is not what it seems to be. The price is always higher, and yes, you will pay for the second thing too.

16.All those mirrors. I am sure that you have already realized how some clothes looked better on you while you were trying it on in a dressing room. They use the mirrors that make your body look longer and reate you a leaner reflection.

17.Store credit cards. Many people use these cards because they think they will save money. But, psychology shows that people don’t have a clue how much they are spending if they don’t see it in cash.

18.Big bags. Have you noticed those ”fancy” big bags that will suit you perfectly while you shop? Why are they such big? Because they trick your brain into more spending. You want your bag to be full, right?

adf19.Big retailers. Big retailers are becoming a big problem for nowadays world. Most of those so-called big fashion brands are employing more and more people, and not paying them. They are supporting the poverty pay and malnutrition.

20.Clothes and decomposing. Today’s clothes are made from such materials that it takes decades for clothes to decompose in a field. Can you imagine that?

21.Your old clothes. Have you ever donated your clothes to a Goodwill? I am too. That is a nice gesture. But, I will have to disappoint you by relieving you a secret that 90% of that clothes are sold in some other country. Africa is the most hit one.

All in all, when you think about it a little bit, you cannot stay calm. At least, I can’t. Is this world all about business and money? Can we humans be tricked that easy?

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