24 women to watch for 2018 Globally

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Since the beginning of humanity, there were always some powerful people who were changing the world. I was always inspired by their ideas and creativity. I think that nowadays we need to follow those inspirational people which have such energy to make us better even on our bad days.

I will now represent you the top 20 women which you need to hear about that are changing the world in different areas-from technology, to humanity, through fashion, politics, and science. Let’s take a look!

1.Tammy Lauren. Entertainment.

This great woman is an American film and also a TV actress. She was born in California. Have you watched a horror film from 1997 called Wishmaster? If you had, you don’t need to read any more about this great woman. She is continuing her success and also sending the great messages which her character shows in the movies you can see. Enjoy meeting her messages about life!

adfvasdf 2.Jayda Fransen. Politics.

She is known for being a part of a political party in the United Kingdom. She is well-known for being an anti-Islamic activist and fighting for women rights especially. Her energy is just amazing! Jayda is from Britain.

3.Jealene Hinkle. Sports.

A great women which can inspire you if you are a soccer lover! She is now a professional soccer defender for America which is playing for the North Carolina Courage of the National Women’s Soccer League. I may say that this woman inspires me the most because I am also playing female soccer for years! She is just incredible! Jealene lives in America.

4.Kirsten Gillibrand. Politics.

A powerful woman between the politics which was the first one to talk about the sexual assault allegations and to wake people up. She is an American.

5.Barbara Comstock. Politics.

The very brave person which recalled at a House hearing on prevention sexual harassments. We need more of these persons because they are making our world a better and a safer place. She is also American.

6.Nikki Haley. Politics.

She is well known as a US Ambassador to the UN Nations. Obviously, Nikki is American. Did you know that this former South Carolina governor has become the breakout star? Literally, the breakout star of the Trump’s Cabinet! She is a center of the Triumph’s administration. She is fighting for human’s rights each day.

7.Lisa Murkowski. Politics.

She was criticized by a president Triumph, but this woman accomplished such a provision which can easily open up the Artic National Wildfire Refuge to drilling the oil and gas. Nothing on this planet is forever, right? We need to think about the future generations too. She is originally from Alaska.

svs8.Kamala Harris. Politics and human rights.

This woman has already become a 2020 presidential contender. Besides that, she is also known as the first senator which has announced that she will oppose an end-of-eye spending bill if someone doesn’t act on those so-called ”not documented” immigrants. We definitely need more power like this. Kamala is from America.

9.Stephanie Watine Arnault. Business.

An American woman. Let’s talk about the luxury women a bit! This great person is working with Clos19. She is trying to bring the customers to bring their own passions when it comes to developing their art de Vivre.

10.Jasmine Bina. Brand strategist.

She lives in LA. A great lover of fashion and new trends. She is literally pushing the limits trying to explain to people how they need to be themselves, in all spheres of their life.

11.Laura Brady. Business.

She lives in Ontario. This strong woman is trying to convince people to do what they love. Yes, she earns some money from her fashion industry but that is not what this is all about! She enjoys her job!

12.Helen Brocklebank. Business and success.

She is from the United Kingdom. A very creative person who tries to awake this great passion within other people! If you try to research more about her I am sure that you won’t regret! Get inspired!

13.Christina Diezgandino. Brand development.

She is from Scotland. Known for working with really amazing and award-winning brands. Have you heard about Johnie Walker? She continues to inspire!

14.Michele Harriman-Smith. Chief executive.

She is British. A well-known person in the fashion world. She likes to listen to the customers and to feel the empathy of other people while making new trends. More empathy is definitely needed in this world!

zvsdv15.Jamie Hoffman. Fashion industry. American.

She may become a new Coco Channel. You know what she has said:”It is all about the simplicity.” So, the message is-be simple, be yourself and enjoy life!

16.Bernadette Knight. Marketing.

She is an Australian. This woman is a chief marketing officer working in New York at Champagne Armand de Brignac. She inspires people to balance between their career and also a personal growth. We need to learn how to balance our life. That is the only way that we can make the most of our existence!

17.Leslie Kobrin. Politics.

Obviously, she is an American. The president of the Americas, Vacheron Constantin (New York). This woman is encouraging people to create some strong relationships with other people. She claims that we have got too far from each other and that all humanity needs to reconnect again. I may totally agree!

18.Esther Kremer. Politics.

She lives in New York. A vice president of the publishing partnerships and also a director. She encourages young women to read more books and to become educated. She has donated so much money to people in Africa who don’t have enough resources to have even an elementary education.

19.Marina Larroude. Brand.

Marina is from the US. A great adventurer who is trying to convince people that life is all about the adventure. She is a successful woman in a brand world, but she is still very modest. Marina is well aware that life is all about the special moments and she is trying to teach people the same.

20.Johnna Marcus. Beauty.

She lives in San Francisco. Johnna is a part of the Sephora Innovation Lab team. This young lady is trying to teach women how to take care of themselves and how to stay young with natural ingredients. We have gone too far with chemicals, don’t you agree?

21.Deborah Marquardt. Marketing and brand.

She lives in the US. A chief marketing officer at the Diamond Producers Associations in New York. She is a great lover of diamonds and through them, she is trying to send a message to the world. What source of the message? She wants people to realize that there are some sorts of values which are infinite. It is not about the diamonds, but about the message that needs to be sent to the world.

22.Rihanna. Music and entertainment.

Definitely a top leader when we talk about the Caribian success. She lives in Barbados and I am sure that I don’t have to talk why is she so famous.

xvs23.Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

A very powerful woman from Asia. Politics. She has served as the 14th president of the Philipines. She is fighting for her whole continent. She wants to make it the best when it comes to politics and science. Obviously, she is succeeding.

24.Rebecca Enonchong.

She is from Africa. Science. This powerful woman was identified as a leading female tech personality, and all that by Forbes! She also participates in different programs which help their countries to develop.Why have I mentioned most women from the modern and beauty world?

I have done that because I am sure that most of the people who will read this will be familiar to these persons. At least, you have heard at least once about them.

Who will change our future? Are you excited to find out? I may admit that I am… But I am still not sure who is going to make a huge impact on our destinies.

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