12 Ways to improve your health and the world

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Every one of us is always trying to reach the best of its well being. It is common in a human nature to try to reach the perfection, or at least to try its best every single day. That is what makes us humans to be named like that. Humanity is a word which means something good, kind, generous…

Are we like that? Can you try your hardest to become the best version of yourself and by that to change the world? Of course that you can, and the first thing from where you should start is definitely your health. Let’s see what can you do!

sdcd1.Drinking more water. A human body has a 75% of water in itself. Is it enough, or do I have to explain more why is it so important to drink enough water? It will clean your body, speed up your metabolism and make you feel (but also look) fresh.

2.Quitting your bad habits. Whether you are a smoker or you drink alcohol too much, the idea of breaking up these bad routines will definitely improve your health. Besides that, it will improve the world too. Don’t you wish to change the statistics of healthy people around the globe?

3.Having a pet. When you have a pet, your immunity will instantly boost. Pets don’t like very clean environment, and such environment is also not so good for your health. Besides that, you will make an animal happy. Also, your serotonin levels will raise up.

4.Hanging out with your friends. Technology did a horrible thing by making us feel close to our friends every single day, even if we actually don’t talk with them or see them personally. Being with your friends will make you worry less, but it will also improve their life. In both cases, you will improve your health but also the world.

5.Raising your child right. Once you have a child, you will realize how hard it is to be a good parent. But, all you need to do is to be a great model. Children don’t listen to what you say, but they see what you are doing and then they copy you.

casdsa 6.Eating healthy. I think that everyone knows that healthy diet is recommended for everyone. You will make yourself healthier and you will feel better all day long. Besides that, you won’t buy those so-called brand products which come in colorful boxes. You can decrease their earnings by not buying their products.

7.Be authentic. If you are authentic, you will bring some new ideas to this world. When you take a look around yourself, you will easily realize that most people dress the same, talk the same, act the same… By being authentic you will improve your self-love and confidence, but you will also show the rest of the world some new ideas and fresh view of the world around us.

8.Express gratitude. This is very important if you want to be healthy. By expressing gratitude daily, you will realize how much you actually enjoy life and all those ”little moments” that make it be that beautiful.

9.Plant a tree. Anything you want-an apple, a cherry maybe… Trees are always needed and always will be needed in our environment. Besides that, you will always have a healthy snack to eat.

10.Donate the things you don’t use or need. Create a minimalist life. You will be surprised how this action can bring such a feeling of freedom. Donate the things you don’t need to people who actually need it.

11.Buy local. Not only that you will eat healthier, but you will also help other people who struggle to make their monthly salary.

SS-L-LUMINATO-FOOD TORONTO, ON - JUNE 3 - Chef Cory Vitiello from the Harbord Room Restaurant helps kids from Dovercourt Public School prepare the ingredients for what will become braised chicken tacos with tomatillo sauce on June 3, 2013. As part of Luminato chefs will be teaching locals kids a bit about cooking. Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star

12.Teach someone something. If you have a hobby and have some children in the neighborhood, why wouldn’t you spend a great time with them and enjoy your hobby at the same time?

When you want to make a world to be a better place, don’t you think that you should start with yourself? What do you think would happen if all people started to act like we recommended?

Would we live in a real humanity?

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