Philanthropy and action against hunger

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How it is possible that millions of people are dying each day of starvation around the globe? I cannot even imagine how humankind is capable of just watching and doing nothing, while children are those who are especially endangered. Can’t we inspire the world by our own kindness? But, are we doing it? You can see famous and wealthy people on your TV all day long, but you will see starving children only for a moment in news, and then the story is over.

daWell, maybe it is over for someone who watches, not for someone who experiences such a disaster on its own skin. There are many poor countries which suffer from food leakage. They literally die from starvation. Those countries are mostly located in Africa and Asia. But, this time I will write about Yemen, which is experiencing the worst food crisis ever. This crisis lasts for years and even decades. But now, it is on a very serious level which has been never seen before.

The leakage of food is literally devastating Yemen. There are millions of people that will die because of this. It will be a total disaster which wasn’t seen for a long time, but only if no one reacts and helps. Why are we called humans if we don’t act like it? If we take a look at the statistics, we can easily realize that there will be more than 17 million Yemenis who are not sure if they will have anything to eat. They don’t even know will their children survive.

bhdfghfLife in Yemen was almost always hard. Their people say that if bombs there don’t kill you, you will die of starving anyways. There is literally more than 462,000 children that are experiencing high-risk of death because of a prolonged malnutrition. These people are desperately trying to survive. 75% of their population claims that their only wish is just to have something to eat. What about the access to clean water, healthcare, shelters? No one talks about that there, they put a food as the first priority on their list. I cannot even imagine how tired they are.

Has anyone acted? Who has the power to decide where will the money go around the globe? The good news is that Norwegian Refuge Council is the one who started a first donor conference for Yemen. When you take a look at your daily life, you have everything. You have a shelter, food and water, healthcare and always something to wear. Can you imagine to experience a real problem while watching your children dying because of starving?

fjjUnicef has also made a program of donation and you can find it easily on their website. With your help, you will save someone’s life. If you want to help Yemen, you will find so many foundations which are created for that purpose. These are just some of them in which you can donate: Yemen Crisis, CARE Australia, Save the Children, CNN, World Food Program USA and more. Can you imagine how one meal can change someone’s day?

Have you ever think about it or did you just close your eyes trying not to see it? Can you endure to see such pain which is happening in the world? Are you afraid how this will all end?

Will people be kind enough to give just a little help which will literally save lifes? We will see…

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