The most interesting cultures in the world

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Have you ever thought about how many different cultures exist in the world? You have probably seen some of these I will talk about at least once in your life on the internet or maybe on the Nation Geography channel, for example. Can you imagine a life which is totally different than ours in today’s modern world? No, I won’t talk about China’s culture here, which I may admit is great and historically rich. Also, I won’t talk about Greece and the ancient philosophers.

I will talk about some cultures of which you may probably haven’t heard of. These cultures may also disappear soon because they don’t have a high population and also they live in tribes. Nevertheless, they are very interesting to explore. So, let’s see how people live around the globe!

111.The Korowai. Their primitive ancestors had a history of cannibalism. But, I won’t talk about that here. The most interesting fact about this tribal culture are their houses. They live in three houses in southeastern Papua in Indonesia. Their families often count eight members and all of them live in a tiny house which is only 6-12 meters above the ground. Do they live in threes because they are afraid of animals? No, they do it because they are trying to escape walking corpses and witches. They believe that such creatures appear when the night comes.

2.The Loba. These people live hidden in the Nepalese Himalayas. They are called Loba, but they are actually known as Mustang residents. They live off the land and without all these technology people nowadays use. It may seem cool at the first sight, but their children have almost no education. China is trying to force these people to stop living like that, but the leaders of Loba’s people are afraid that they will lose their Tibetian Buddhist culture.

3.The Awa. The nomadic people of this cultural tribe lived in harmony with the great Amazon rainforest for centuries. Their territory was later invaded, so they became hunter-gatherers who are now making pets of some orphaned wild animals. Can you imagine a woman which breastfeeds a monkey? Me neither, but Awa’s people can. They do it daily.

4.The Cocopah. These people named themselves River People. That is actually what Cocopah mean. Although they are now fighting with the authorities which are trying to limit them the access to water, they are doing well in fighting for their rights. This culture has been successfully living by hunting and fishing only for 500 years or even more. How do you imagine people of the Cocopah? They actually look like some sort of Mexican-Indians. Also, these tribe isn’t small, they count almost 22,000 people.

225.The Mursi. This is a cultural tribe which counts less than 10,000 people. I am sure that you have seen this tribe on National Geographic in Taboo. They live in southwestern Ethiopia. Why did I mention Taboo? Because these people are known as ”lip-plates”. Women are ones which are wearing it more often than men. Why would someone wear a plate on their lips? Because this cultural tribe believes that it is a sign of the adulthood and also the fertility.

6. The San. It is believed that these people were first Africa’s people. They are well-known for their special language, and so-called giraffe dance. Although The Sans, hunter-gatherers have been expelled from the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, they still live together in camps. Later, these tribes united and fought against CKGM and won their place for living.

7.The Tsaatan. What makes this culture unique is definitely their affection and dependence on reindeer. That animal gives them milk and cheese, so they don’t need to be worried about food. Or at least, they think like that. Reindeers are also used as a transport. They travel from the frigid mountains to northern Mongolia. They are also very interesting because they have a great relationship with tourists, once they arrive. The Tsaatans are very friendly and they love to share and appreciate nature.

hjcc Can you imagine to stop living your modern life and to join some of these cultural tribes?

Can you imagine how their mind functions? Is it good for their tribes to disappear because they are acting very weird or do the authorities need to leave them alone? What about those people which are born there but don’t want to live that way?

Do they ask themselves about that at all or do they follow their tribe blindly?

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