The Self Destruction of Lecrae

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Music has a lot of power over the mind of a human being. It has become part of our everyday lives. Hence, the music we listen to has a way of influencing out thoughts and actions. Psychologists have found conclusive proof that our behavior and character is shaped by our thoughts. Hence, if we listen to some form of music, our minds would think in the same line. If you listen to Gospel music, our minds tend to be flooded with Christian thoughts. If we listen to music full of demonic themes; demonic themes are all we are going to think about.

fsdfgThe devil, our ancient foe realized the power that music has over us and has corrupted the once soothing music. He has changed it into a form that is very ungodly. Once the chief musician of the heavenly hosts, Lucifer knows the power that music bears. A quick look at history would even tell you that good and godly music can even drive away demons. Take the case of King Saul as an example. David played his harp to drive away the demons plaguing Saul. This should tell you therefore that if godly music drives away demons then ungodly music invites demons to our lives. Bearing this in mind, one would wonder why a musician who was formerly singing godly music would shift and sing demonic music.

Lucifer is now running the music industry around the world. It is no wonder some musicians go to the extent of selling their souls to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. One can start to wonder if Lecrae has sold his soul to the devil for the fame he enjoys. Lecrae has for a while now been one of the most celebrated musicians. He is releasing hit after hit. And with every song he releases, he incorporates more and more satanic signs in his videos.

One thing Lecrae should ponder over is that: Is he pleasing the secular world or God? selling his music under Christian music while saying that it’s not gospel musician is sheer ignorance. He corrupting gospel music in the name of reaching out to the secular world: by collaborating with secular Hip pop artists. He has embraced the secular music industry claiming that he is also a product of hip pop industry. He said, “It’s not me trying to make a gospel record or trying to make a Christian record, it’s just me being me.” He should realize that he is not only fooling himself but also is loyal fans. How can you sell your music as a Christian rap when none of the lyrics of the song relates to Christianity? How can you pick up a Grammy if you believe that you are not a Gospel singer? He has sold himself to Satan for fame and money!

In fact, he doesn’t care for the many fans who are lost following him. Lecrae started out as a great gospel musician. However, it appears that as he gets more money and fame, he has slowly denied Christ by conforming to this world. He has in many occasions confessed that his heart is dedicated to hip-pop music and not God. How preposterous! He has even gone ahead to collaborate with secular musicians such as Drake, Lil Wayne, David Banner, Paul Wall, B.O.B, Slim thug. These collaborations have nothing to do with the Gospel, he is only doing this for fame and money.

sfdgdfgThe Bible tells us that we should not conform to those of the world. And when it comes to worship, we should do so in truth and in spirit. We should worship the lord in the beauty of holiness. Our prayers should also be in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit not in the name of Lucifer. The whole duty of man is to worship God. Lecrae has really changed and is no longer an ambassador for God. He has become Satan’s puppet. He now reveres hip pop. He has given the world a false alternative to the original true worship music. He has become a tool through which masses and congregations are lead to destruction. His fame has led him into selling millions of records too. He should stop before he is completely lost. He should turn away from the ways of sin and truly repent before it is too late.

Should inspires Lecrae into writing his song?

Do you think Lecrae’s song reflect the character of godly music?

What are the better ways of using music to reach out to the world?

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