What really attracts women to men? The first 12 things a woman notices about a man!

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It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you have probably asked yourself multiple times in life what attracts women to men. If you are a man, then you are asking yourself the same question every day, right? Just kidding. Some things changed with time, some things changed as the world was changing, with technology, culture and much more. But, there are some things which have never changed. Now, dear men, I will reveal you the secrets!


What I mean about this is that a woman will be attracted to a man that knows what he wants in his life and also that he is going after it. If you are a man with goals and really pursuing them, yes, you are very attractive! Women feel safe around such men.

2.Your eyes.

You know how it’s said:”The eyes show the soul.” It doesn’t matter what color your eyes are, but they show if you are healthy. Of course, a healthy person attracts a mate, right? Besides that, you can predict what is someone’s personality just by looking at them straight to the eyes.

3.Being a gentleman.

Seriously, just buy her some flowers or chocolate. You don’t need to be rich to take a woman out to some fancy restaurant. It’s all about the attention and patience.


Not all women like long beards, but if you skip the razor for a while, you will be more attractive to women. Don’t skip it for too long. Good news for hipsters, don’t you think


Everyone loves to laugh. If you have a good sense of humor, you have more chances with women. But please, don’t take this literally. Have some great jokes, but don’t make new ones all the time.

6.Being rich.

Yes, not every woman wants a rich guy, but yet every one will notice that. If you are driving a fancy car, a woman will at least just notice you. Women like successful men.

7.Your body posture.

It will literally reveal if you are confident or not. Besides that, if you have a nicely shaped body, that is also a great plus.

8.Your voice.

Women prefer men with deeper voice. They connect it with the levels of testosterone. The more testosterone the better, right?


If you just met a woman and found yourself in such a situation which requires bravery, go for it. She is yours then. Women like to feel protected by their stronger half.

azsd10.Being well-educated.

How can she know that you are well-educated? She can, trust me. The way you are standing, the way you are speaking and of course the way you are behaving at the moment.

11.The smell.

It is not all about the perfume, but, women prefer men who have a great hygiene. No, they don’t enjoy a smell of sweat at all. Keep a good hygiene and you are on the right road!

12.Your arms.

I don’t want to lie to you, but women prefer men with stronger arms. Why is that so? Because they will feel very safe once you hug them. Yes, they want you to look like their own superhero. Protect them, make them feel safe.

When we take a look through the old times, we can see that it doesn’t change a lot when it comes to women preferences about men. They need to be strong, brave, to have a musclular body… Of course, every woman has her own standards, but we are talking about the majority here. Do you think that you have all that you need to attract a perfect woman for yourself? Are you trying to become a preferable partner? Will these preferences change in the next 20 or 50 years? Only time can tell, but I don’t think so.

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