Diabetes cases have skyrocketed

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Have you ever wondered what is the profit illnesses bring to Government? I will shock you with the fact that diabetes’s profit is more than $827 billion! Is the Government trying to kill us slowly with this? You know, it is profitable, you cannot doubt that. But, what makes me even angrier here is that, by Health Official, there are more and more children and young people which have diabetes.

Do you remember the times when many kids had diabetes? Me, neither. There are nearly 167, 000 children nowadays that have a diabetes type 1, while more than 20, 000 have a type 2. We all know that good eating habits can make us healthier and first of all, they are a must when it comes to survival. But, what happened to our food? Who made it be this way? The food is literally sickening people. When you take a look at the grocery store, what can you see?

sfsfgvAt least 80% of the food can be classified by a total junk. Children and young people are always the ones who are targetted. You know, everyone drinks that soda, why wouldn’t I, right? Well, because there is too many sugar in it, for example. In 100mll of coke, there are more than 15 grams of sugar. And what is the size of an average drink? From 300mll to 500mll. Then, you can calculate how much sugar a person intakes, and only through one drink! Can we rename now a grocery store to be a candy store? I think yes. Have you heard about the FDA and Monsanto? Do you know a lot about Trisodium Phosphate which is put in food non-stop? They call it safe for us…

Trisodium Phosphate is also used as a wall surface cleaner, just for you to know. So, what do you eat? Some ”heavy duty” chemical cleaner that controls lead paint dust and cleans the surface preparing it for painting? Oh, come on. You can do better than that. Your body is a temple. I don’t want to treat my temple like that. What about you? Do you know how many food recalls happen every day? Why do they happen when there is nothing wrong with latex, for example? Do you want to eat latex? Well, you are eating it already, if you are buying those junk food which is literally all around you.

Food recalls happen, sadly, only when something happens to someone. And what happened here? We have an increased amount of people who have diabetes like never before. It was never seen in the whole history of mankind! Wow, I thought that we were going to some technologically advanced stage. They went there, but we won’t. All that it brought is nothing good. They just have more profit, that’s it. Let’s say that you want to eat healthier, but you don’t even have a clue from where to start. It doesn’t matter, you will come up with an idea eventually.


Suddenly you have realized that there are some new cereals which are full of vitamins. Nice way to start your healthy diet? I don’t think so. These cereals, besides being loaded with sugar, or even worse, the artificial sweeteners, are also loaded with fake vitamins that are not safe for anyone, and especially for children. Why would you trust something that is on TV? It is all the same policy. Who can control what will be served on a plate and wash your brain all day long by the TV program┬ábut Government?

You need to wake up and to realize that you have a choice! What such food does is that it will make you sick. But, it won’t do it immediately. First of all, you need to pay long enough for it, right? You need to make some more profit for Monsanto and FDA, and after that, you will make more profit when you want to cure yourself. It is a vicious circle, literally. Why don’t you fight back? You are a conscious being and you need to act like that! When taking a look at diabetes statistics, you can hear some ”health professionals” saying that they don’t know what happened in the last five years. It seems like everything is fine to them… Why is everyone keeping their mouth shut? You need to fight for yourself and your children. You need to teach them, but also yourself, how to eat healthy and how to read the labels on the products.

Detox regularly, work out, express gratitude… But, don’t stay blind to world’s problems, because they are yours too. Doctors claim that they have made a tremendous progress when it comes to treating diabetes type 1 health issues. If you think to yourself that it is a major thing, you need to reassess your beliefs. They took money again, from you, from me, from everyone else… You are paying for all of that! And you know what, not only with your wallet, but also with your whole life!

When talking about diabetes type 2, everyone will say that the obesity is the major problem. Yes, I may agree, but why are people obese nowadays like more than ever? Is it because of those healthy cereals? Is it because of coke and soda? I don’t think that people got obsessed just like that. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process. There are so many additives even in the veggies and fruits. I don’t even need to talk about meat and dairy products, but I will. Veggies and fruits are full of toxic chemicals.

xgvsbYou need to wash them very detailed. Besides that, meat is loaded with hormones and also the dairy products. These hormones, which are given to animals, are disturbing human’s hormones to act in a proper way. That is exactly why do we have so many autoimmune diseases nowadays. The alarming fact is that such diseases are growing more and more each day! What if this doesn’t stop? Can you imagine this world in about 50 years? What is our planet going to look like? Is there gonna be even more diseases? Will there be some new ones? I am pretty sure that there will be. We are destroying this wonderful planet like there is no tomorrow. Or maybe there won’t be a tomorrow? Living like slaves, working hard all day, eating toxic food and breathing toxic air.

What else can we expect? Are we puppets or do we know how to think clearly? Do you want to see some changes in the world? You know how it’s said, if you want to see the change, then first you need to be one.

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