The Silent Epidemic in America

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When we take a look at the statistics, we can easily see that about more than 44,000 thousand of Americans die by suicide. Can you believe that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US? This information makes me tremble. The saddest thing here is that the suicide is growing at the alarming rate and all of that between the teenagers. It is the horrible fact that these suicides happen between young people who are between 15-19 ages.

1234 The alarming rate is growing 40% per year! Since 2014 there was a terrible number of committed suicides among the young who aged 15-25. It was a horrific number of 5,079 in that year! The worst is yet coming! This alarming rate is becoming higher and higher! Who is responsible for these events? If I may admit, I would mention social media and of course mass media, which represent to the teenagers the image that they need to become. Have you known that these rates are especially alarming for young girls? Do these girls receive a message how they should look like and behave from the outside world? What bothers them? Low self-esteem? Some unfulfilled desires which are actually imposed by the society? I think it is exactly like that.

When you take a look at yourself, and especially if you are a TV lover, all you can see are the perfect people who have no problems in their lives but their hairstyle, for example. But, how does the real life really looks like? It looks like anyhow-all people have problems, all people deal with different and also hard situations which they try to hide among their loved ones. It is impossible to live this 21st-century and to have no mental issues. What do we have served on our plates? The perfect families, the perfect bodies, the perfect vacations… Who can afford that? Young people have no ideal gurus who could guide them through life. What about their parents? Have they too become blind with these flags which are trying to convince them that if you want to succeed that you have to be beautiful and full of money? Unfortunately, it seems like it is that way. What about the real values? When have those disappeared? Have you ever thought about that? What was your childhood like? Nothing like nowadays?

Okay, we don’t live in a harsh time of wars and the theory says that we live in the most peaceful era of the world. Is that right? Or is it also what do we hear from someone who wants us to hear it? Young people commit suicide because they are depressed and they feel like they don’t belong anywhere. When you try to imagine a person which is in a puberty and trying to find its own place, you can easily realize that some of the sensitive souls have nowhere to turn to here. Why is that so? What this world offers are fake idols and everything that can drag down even a smart young being who is trying to grow up properly.

sdr Most of the teenagers, and as I have said, especially girls, are committing a suicide by poisoning themselves. It is obvious that these young people are doing it by some sorts of drugs and alcohol which they combine. What went wrong and when? It wasn’t like this always, definitely. Do you know someone who committed a suicide when you were that age? You may know one person, but the US people know at least five. Isn’t that sad?

How can we prevent this to continue spreading among young people? Have the internet has an impact on this? I am sure that it does. Will our children ever feel good in their bodies and minds ever again?

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