India’s new law-Muslim men could go to jail if they instantly divorce their wives

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The breaking news came from the Indian government this Tuesday! As the title of this article says, Muslim men who divorce their wives instantly will go to jail. How did that happen? Muslim women complained about their rights of equality for a long time, and this is how this ended. The Supreme Court has made a rule in August this year that Muslim men can divorce their wives anytime they want just by repeating the word ”talaq” for three times.

122I may admit that I understand why these women wanted to fight for their rights that hard. They were angry and felt very humiliated. Equality? I don’t think so. That is why they made such a harsh movement. They wanted to change the situation, and I can totally understand that. But, did it went too far? Their women have petitioned the court. They were arguing strongly about a problem in which their husbands were divorcing them through so-called ”triple talaq”. These women also claimed how they left them without any explanation and how it hurt their rights. What about their children? This is exactly why this all has started, except hurting their rights, of course.

As you have probably known, Muslims are one of the biggest religious minority in Hindu. So, yes, this is all happening in India. And if I may admit, I am glad that these women are trying to save their families. Although, I also need to say that I don’t think that people who are not in love need to divorce instantly. They can get a consultant for their problems, they can work together to overcome the difficulties and so on. The worst thing is that those people don’t even talk about the problems. They just suffer until they cannot endure it anymore.

dfadfWhy does that happen? Because of a bad communication, or because of no communication at all. Empathy? Understanding? I don’t think so. Did you know that all these years India was one of a few countries where this practice of instance divorce actually survived? Obviously, not anymore. I am not talking like this because I am a woman, but because I am afraid where such actions lead. It is not normal for people to divorce just like that. Instead of that, I would like that the whole world has some kind of psychological test before marriage.

Children are not the ones to blame when this situation happens, don’t you agree? What about Muslim men? What did they say about this new law? They claimed that this law is too harsh and that it definitely needs to be reviewed by the community. Are they thinking that it will all pass just like that? It is well known that Indian civil codes have always been designed to protect the independence of those so-called religious communities. There have been made so many new Hindu civil laws in the last years, but Muslim personal laws in those years have been left untouched. Have they finally got what they deserve? How can a conscious human being behave like that? What is going on in these humans minds?

dadasdI cannot even imagine it… We live in a modern world and all that I expect are flying cars, but still, we have some divorcing by ”triple talaq”. How sad is it?

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